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Explosive Arrest in Okeechobee County

Regardless of what a person is arrested for, he or she always has the right to remain silent and has the right to an attorney. Everyone is entitled to due process and is therefore innocent until proven guilty. A recent example of the importance of an attorney was the event of January 7, 2013 in Okeechobee County. The police pulled over a white pickup truck because of a broken headlight. What was discovered was stunning.Although there were drugs and drug paraphernalia in the truck, police officers found guns, ammunition and explosive devices. In fact, the reported number was a total of 17 explosive devices. This number is way beyond a simple case of dangerous behavior; it enters the area of a terrorist threat. People become so frightened when they hear a story like this that they often give the local authorities a blank check to protect them. There were three people in the car: two men and one woman. The men were ages 29 and 22 with the woman still a teenager at 19 years old. Both men were convicted felons and were charged with possession of firearms; the teenage girl was charged with drug possession. All three of these individuals are clearly in need of a criminal attorney. The female was the driver and did not give the officers permission to search her vehicle. The law in this area can be complicated. A Fort Pierce Firearms Attorney can explain the aspects of the law that pertain to your case. When pulled over and placed under arrest for possession of firearms, always remain silent. It is important to explain the circumstances to your attorney. If you are the passenger in a car the laws apply differently to you than they do to the owner of the car. Even the driver of the car may be in a different situation depending upon circumstances. There are laws for drugs and firearms that are state and federal. An attorney can explain in easy-to-understand language what laws apply to your situation. On one hand, Americans have a right to bear arms, but on the other hand, there are many regulations that apply to owning a weapon. In the case above, the two men were convicted felons, and once you have a felony on your record, you are never allowed to possess a firearm,.but this charge must be proven. If you, a family member or friend find yourself charged with a firearms violation, remain silent and contact a Fort Pierce Firearms Lawyer.