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Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq. Awards & Ratings

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Kirschner & McEnery Law, Chartered

 We are pleased and excited to announce the joining of two (2) of this area’s aggressive and experienced trial lawyers, whose goal is to create a legal powerhouse firm that will provide the very highest levels of talent, professionalism and competence in representing Treasure Coast citizens in a wide array of legal services— including a special emphasis upon their criminal trial practice.

 Jay Kirschner, a Martindale Hubbell “AV rated Preeminent” lawyer who is and has been continually Board Certified in Criminal Trial practice by the Florida Supreme Court since 1994, has over thirty (30) years of experience representing the innocent and wrongfully accused on the Treasure Coast.

Stephanie McEnery is a multi-talented, aggressive and gifted trial lawyer with a stellar academic and legal background, coupled with experience acquired from dozens of jury trials, and perhaps more importantly, with an enviable string of recent felony “NOT GUILTY” verdicts.

Kirschner and McEnery first represented a client in tandem (as co-counsel) in May of 2022, in a Martin County case in which a fifty-five (55) year old man was charged with “engaging in sexual activity with a minor,” a sixteen (16) year old woman.   The litigation was lengthy and complex, and involved over ten-thousand pages of “discovery” documents ultimately released by the Government.

The lengthy, vigorously litigated prosecution with potentially draconian penalties [meaning years in the State prison system] awaiting the defendant in the event of a conviction, resulted in the jury finding our client NOT GUILTY on all counts.

McEnery and Kirschner quickly realized that the totality of their joint efforts in that case far exceeded the sum of each of their individual contributions to the defense effort.  It became readily apparent that it was ‘time to join forces.’

At KMLC, we know that in 2022,  merely retaining a talented, experienced and properly credentialed lawyer,  successfully defending a criminal case  mandates not only the lawyer, but an experienced support staff, working in tandem with the lawyer as a team, and usually in conjunction with experts from a variety of fields.

The practice of criminal law has evolved into discreet and specialized areas, including Internet Crime, Drug Possession and asportation cases, DUI, embezzlement, homicide, etc., and with the developing tendency of Florida’s legislature to criminalize all manner of proscribed conduct, the list grows longer each year.

Criminal cases routinely require astute counsel to assemble a winning defense team, which may include Physicians, Psychologists, Accountants, Laboratory Analysts, Arson Investigators;  this list expands each year.

Knowing,  and being able to access the ‘right’ experts and consultants and being able to work effectively with them, can and does make the difference between winning and losing your case.

KMLC maintains a talented support staff including; Collette Boyer, Paralegal and Staff Assistant to both Jay and Stephanie who specializes in client relations, coordinating and scheduling with judicial assistants, co-counsel and opposing counsel and their staffs, as well as legal research and writing. Ms. Boyer has been working with Mr. Kirschner for over fifteen (15) years.

Bradley Perron likewise has been working as an Independent investigator in close association with Jay Kirschner for over twenty (20) years. He is a Florida Licensed Private Investigator, and has testified as a court qualified expert in a number of fields, including ‘blood spatter’ testimony.

Bradley is in sum, the kind of investigator/expert who may well prove indispensable in building a winning defense team. He is part of the talented, innovative, and experienced team of investigators at Investigative Support Specialist, an Investigative firm with demonstrated excellence, as well as a national reputation.

Robert McCarron, M.D., (ret.) is the firm’s consultant for medically related issues, which arise in both criminal and family matters on a frequent basis. His individual practice was located in Vero Beach, Florida (in Indian River County—-the northernmost county in the ‘Treasure Coast’) where he specialized in the practice of Internal Medicine. He also is well schooled in medical and scientific forensic issues, and has access to many talented players in the medical and scientific communities.

This eclectic grouping of talented, experienced professionals, individually and collectively, gives KLMC clients nearly instantaneous access to virtually any area of expertise necessary to communicate with and ultimately assemble, the right “team” to help win your case in the legal system, whether the matter lies in the criminal or family divisions.

The practice is in both State and Federal courts, representing the innocent and falsely accused in DUI and all other manner of criminal matters, including unjust Battery and Spousal Battery charges, Prescription Fraud cases, Possession of Narcotics and Trafficking issues, Forfeiture and Conspiracy matters, white collar prosecutions, and an ever-increasing number of child sex abuse and internet pornography cases.

We Also Assist Clients in Complex Divorce and Serious Personal Injury Cases.

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What Are Clients Have to Say

Testimonials from our clients after working with our Fort Pierce Criminal Lawyers
  • Joshua Laurence
    Google Review

    Jonathan “Jay” Kirschner helped my family deal with a number of legal challenges in the Treasure Coast and Fort Pierce areas. Jay is diligent, tenacious, firm, understanding and transparent. We’ve found him to be more in the nature of a very high-priced, boutique, full-service criminal law firm and much more honest than other attorneys we’ve spoken to over the years. Don’t laugh, there are honest and fair attorneys — not many — but Jay is definitely one! Jay is available 24/7.

  • Matt Santizo
    Google Review

    Stephanie is the best lawyer I can recommend for your needs. She helped defend me in the most professional way I could ever imagine. She was subject to many scathing emails, and resistance at every angle from the opposition, and she acted with the utmost integrity every single time. She and her entire office staff were fully invested in my case and gave several hours to make sure the results came in my favor and justice prevailed. I would use Stephanie McEnery again in a heartbeat and would recommend her to everyone who needs to win a case.

  • Brian Segal
    Google Review

    Jonathan Jay Kirschner is an excellent attorney. Mr. Kirschner is the person you want to defend you when you find yourself in a position you did not mean to be in. Mr. Kirschner was always readily available when I had any questions or needed to contact him. He has a great staff that were all on my side and worked tirelessly to help me with my case. I can’t thank Mr. Kirschner enough, I highly recommend him for criminal defense matters.

  • Pam Blanchard
    Google Review

    Again, I have had a reason to contact Jay Kirshner. Mr. Kirschner is the best. Honest and completely thorough. Not an attorney to just take your money. He goes over and above for just results. Anyone looking for the best criminal attorney cannot find a better one than Jay Kirschner. He does not make promises he cannot keep and is very upfront about your legal case. He gets results and is second to none.  They don’t get any better than Mr. Kirschner.

  • Jonathan Dark
    Google Review

    After I was falsely accused of a crime, I contacted Stephanie McEnery, Esq. Stephanie McEnery was a true professional from the moment we met. She listened carefully to my situation, assessed, gather evidence and took action. No charges were filed against me due to Stephanie McEnery’s proactive approach to defending me. Further, Stephanie McEnery understood what my family had been going through for many years and protected my family when we filed and received an injunction for protection. If you need a defense attorney, I highly recommend a consultation with Stephanie McEnery today!

  • Anaz
    Google Review

    When I look back to how desperate I was for help with my case, I’m more than grateful to have had Stephanie work with me. She showed great consideration for the situation and kept me up to date with everything. Most importantly, she always responded right away to phone calls and emails. I highly recommend hiring Stephanie to defend you; the professionalism, experience, and the compassion she had for my family were all there.

  • Raquel Mendoza
    Google Review

    Will definitely recommend Stephanie she gets the case done fast and also explains your options before signing any contract. Will work with her again in future if any legal problems come again.