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If your guns taken away or confiscated, if your rights are violated, or if  you are arrested for any kind of claimed firearm violation, you need to get the kind of aggressive legal representation that will protect YOU from the excesses of  unfair police practices and unintelligible and confusing State and local laws, (that often contradict one another), and ultimately can result in unfair and outrageous prosecutions.

KIRSCHNER AND MCENERY LAW, CHARTERED lawyers have the local knowledge and the skills necessary to protect your rights,  as well as over forty (40) years of experience defending citizen’s 2nd Amendment Rights in St. Lucie, Martin and Okeechobee Counties.

KMLC Lawyers have the local knowledge and know how to protect your freedoms and your liberties.


Happiness is a Warm Gun ??????

Perhaps…………..and even though the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees American citizens the right to bear arms, the State of Florida routinely prosecutes its citizens, on a daily basis,  for firearm “violations”.  “Recklessly displaying” a firearm is a crime. Carrying a concealed firearm is a crime.  Even if you are licensed to carry a concealed firearm, you commit a crime by carrying it into a restaurant that serves alcohol.

If you were ever convicted of any felony, you may not possess a firearm under any circumstances, and doing so may subject you to a new felony prosecution.  And prison.  And draconian minimum mandatory sentences.

If you are interested in reviewing the plethora of rules and regulations concerning firearms, take a look at Ch. 790, Fla. Stat.  Another good resource is the Florida Department of Agriculture’s website.  (DOA is the state agency charged with issuing  “carry permits”).

Hiring a Saint Lucie County Firearm Arrest Lawyer

If you are charged with a firearm crime in Florida, you need experienced, competent, and professional  legal representation.  Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Specialist Jay Kirschner has been successfully handling firearm matters througout Florida for many years.

So when ‘Happiness is not a Warm Gun, call Kirschner & McEnery Law at 772.489.8501.

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A Recent Firearm Cases Success

Out-of-Towner wrongfully charged with Firearm Felonies Saved from Prison Sentence

In State v. DB, Case number 2007 CF 2166, a visiting family from Kentucky was driving home on Florida’s Turnpike, when the driver was vicitimized, in a Road Range incident, by another vehicle occupied by 4 Georgia residents. DB, to protect himself and his family, removed a large calibre handgun from his glovebox and placed it carefully on the center console.

The Georgia residents called law enforcement, and the Florida Highway Patrol detained DB in Seminole County, where the State of Florida ultimately charged D.B. with four (4) counts of “Aggravated Assault with a Firearm”. Each charge, under Florida’s sentencing scheme, carries with it a three (3) year minimum mandatory prison sentence.

D.B. hired Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Jay Kirschner, who determined that Seminole County (where the charges were filed) was the incorrect “jurisdiction” to prosecute the case. (Discovering that fact was no facile task, as the “mile-marker” where the road rage incident occurred was on the borderline of two (2) counties……neither of them Seminole. Ultimately, Kirschner was able to obtain certified survey maps from the Department of Transportation proving incontrovertibly that Indian River County was the correct jurisdiction where the incident occurred).

The State of Florida, on the eve of expiration of Florida’s “Speedy Trial” deadline, re-filed the case—-this time in St. Lucie County.

Correct jurisdiction; Wrong Venue.

Kirschner filed a Motion to Dismiss the action, and just hours before the hearing, the State offered DB a plea to misdemeanor “reckless display” charges, imposing court costs and probation. On May 17, 2007, D.B. returned to his home in Kentucky, where he lives happily with his family.

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