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Stephanie McEnery

Stephanie McEnery graduated from William and Mary Law School, the oldest law school in the country. Ms. McEnery is also a graduate of the University of Florida. Ms. McEnery lives and breathes for the courtroom. As an experienced trial attorney, Stephanie is not afraid to confront the prosecutors and press her client’s cases for a successful outcome no matter the odds. Growing up in South Florida, Stephanie is bilingual, having spoken Spanish since her youth. Prior to entering private practice in the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, Ms. McEnery was an Assistant Public Defender and a private attorney in the Ninth Judicial Circuit in Orlando. In her last month as Public Defender she was acclaimed for getting over 30 cases dismissed in a single month, including 8 DUI’s in a row. Ms. McEnery has successfully litigated numerous motions resulting in the dismissal of criminal charges for her clients. Additionally, Ms. McEnery has suppressed Blood Alcohol Content results, confessions, field sobriety exercises, and breath test results. Stephanie McEnery is dedicated to her clients and passionate about fighting for your rights!


  • Granted Oral Argument in the Fifth District Court of Appeals on a Fourth Amendment Issue
  • Chapter Representative for the Saint Lucie FACDL From 2021-2022
  • Completed 26 Jury Trials in just under 4 years practice despite COVID
  • 3 bench trials, all Not Guilty