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Getting Arrested

A simple argument between husbands and wives, or even BFF’s can turn into a life-changing event when overzealous law enforcement decides to take a minor family dispute and instead turn it into an arrest and a criminal prosecution.

Harshest Penalties in Florida

An arrest anywhere is bad news:  An arrest in the Treasure Coast is worse, as the treatment of arrested people HERE (in this charming hamlet-by-the-sea), can be by tradition and ritual more harsh and punitive than many other jurisdictions throughout the State. A spouse battery dismissed in Dade, Broward or Palm Beach Counties can morph into a year in the county jail or jail plus onerous conditions when charged on the Treasure Coast!

Local Attorneys

That’s why you need Local, experienced lawyers who are familiar with the judges, cops and prosecutors when arrested anywhere on the Treasure Coast. Kirschner & McEnery law knows the players; knows the power brokers, and most importantly know how to approach a case aggressively, take it to trial, and WIN!

Advice from a Saint Lucie County Battery Lawyer

The days of “live and let live” are over; when it comes to the arena of domestic disputes.  These days, law enforcement’s answer to domestic violence allegations is to “arrest everyone and let the courts sort it out later”.

To be sure, there exists a “cycle of violence”.  It is also just as true that many litigants, especially in dissolution of marriage proceedings, abuse the criminal and civil justice systems in order to obtain unfair advantage against their spouses.  Much of the time, Prosecutors and Judges are able to discern those persons who attempt to abuse the justice system to gain their own personal advantage, and dismiss these cases accordingly.

But Judges and Prosecutors are only human.   They make mistakes.  And it is then that innocent, wrongfully accused citizens lose their homes, their money, access to their children, and even their liberty. (For more detailed information concerning Florida Law in these areas, feel free to peruse Chs. 741 & 784, Fla. Stats.

When it happens, the staff at Kirschner & McEnery Law stands ready to right the wrong;  to vindicate the wrongfully accused;  to make the justice system work in the way that it should.

Hiring a Saint Lucie County Battery Lawyer

Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq., still believes in “innocent until proven guilty”. The State of Florida in these cases, and in all criminal cases, must be held to the ultra-high standard of proof beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt.

If you are wrongfully accused of an unjust battery or domestic violence charge, contact Kirschner & McEnery Law immediately. When life, liberty and property are at stake, it’s no time to delay.

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What Are Clients Have to Say

Testimonials from our clients after working with our Fort Pierce Criminal Lawyers
  • Joshua Laurence
    Google Review

    Jonathan “Jay” Kirschner helped my family deal with a number of legal challenges in the Treasure Coast and Fort Pierce areas. Jay is diligent, tenacious, firm, understanding and transparent. We’ve found him to be more in the nature of a very high-priced, boutique, full-service criminal law firm and much more honest than other attorneys we’ve spoken to over the years. Don’t laugh, there are honest and fair attorneys — not many — but Jay is definitely one! Jay is available 24/7.

  • Matt Santizo
    Google Review

    Stephanie is the best lawyer I can recommend for your needs. She helped defend me in the most professional way I could ever imagine. She was subject to many scathing emails, and resistance at every angle from the opposition, and she acted with the utmost integrity every single time. She and her entire office staff were fully invested in my case and gave several hours to make sure the results came in my favor and justice prevailed. I would use Stephanie McEnery again in a heartbeat and would recommend her to everyone who needs to win a case.

  • Brian Segal
    Google Review

    Jonathan Jay Kirschner is an excellent attorney. Mr. Kirschner is the person you want to defend you when you find yourself in a position you did not mean to be in. Mr. Kirschner was always readily available when I had any questions or needed to contact him. He has a great staff that were all on my side and worked tirelessly to help me with my case. I can’t thank Mr. Kirschner enough, I highly recommend him for criminal defense matters.

  • Pam Blanchard
    Google Review

    Again, I have had a reason to contact Jay Kirshner. Mr. Kirschner is the best. Honest and completely thorough. Not an attorney to just take your money. He goes over and above for just results. Anyone looking for the best criminal attorney cannot find a better one than Jay Kirschner. He does not make promises he cannot keep and is very upfront about your legal case. He gets results and is second to none.  They don’t get any better than Mr. Kirschner.

  • Jonathan Dark
    Google Review

    After I was falsely accused of a crime, I contacted Stephanie McEnery, Esq. Stephanie McEnery was a true professional from the moment we met. She listened carefully to my situation, assessed, gather evidence and took action. No charges were filed against me due to Stephanie McEnery’s proactive approach to defending me. Further, Stephanie McEnery understood what my family had been going through for many years and protected my family when we filed and received an injunction for protection. If you need a defense attorney, I highly recommend a consultation with Stephanie McEnery today!

  • Anaz
    Google Review

    When I look back to how desperate I was for help with my case, I’m more than grateful to have had Stephanie work with me. She showed great consideration for the situation and kept me up to date with everything. Most importantly, she always responded right away to phone calls and emails. I highly recommend hiring Stephanie to defend you; the professionalism, experience, and the compassion she had for my family were all there.

  • Raquel Mendoza
    Google Review

    Will definitely recommend Stephanie she gets the case done fast and also explains your options before signing any contract. Will work with her again in future if any legal problems come again.

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