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Stuart Criminal Defense Lawyer

Stuart Criminal Defense Lawyer

Help from a Stuart Criminal Defense Lawyer

Located on the Atlantic Coast of Florida, Stuart is a small town with plenty of appeal for nature lovers and history buffs alike. For those who have been charged with an offense in Stuart, however, finding the right Stuart criminal defense lawyer can be challenging. At Kirschner & McEnery Law, we offer assertive and effective defense options that can help you deal with legal trouble in the most practical and positive way. We work with you to find the right defense for the charges against you.

Kirschner & McEnery Law Is Here to Represent You

If you need a Stuart criminal defense lawyer, Kirschner & McEnery Law can provide you with the right representation for a wide range of criminal offenses:

  • Violent crimes that include murder, homicide or assault and battery can present serious challenges for your defense attorney. At Kirschner & McEnery Law, we have the proven experience to defend your case in the most aggressive way possible. We can help you protect your reputation and prevent the most serious consequences of convictions for violent crimes.
  • Traffic offenses: Conviction for certain serious traffic offenses can result in large fines, loss of your driving privileges and other penalties that may include jail time. Charges of vehicular homicide, driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) require the attention of a skilled and experienced attorney. We offer the legal representation you need to tell your side of the story and to defend yourself from these types of charges.
  • Computer crimes: If you have been charged with a crime committed using a computer, you need an attorney knowledgeable about these types of offenses to defend your case. Solicitation, fraud and the possession or production of some types of pornography are common examples of offenses involving computers.
  • Drug charges: Drug offenses range from misdemeanors to felonies depending on the type of drugs involved, the amount in your possession and the intent to distribute these controlled substances. The attorneys at Kirschner & McEnery Law can provide you with defense strategies to assist you in taking on these charges in the legal arena.
  • Theft: Burglary, breaking and entering and theft by deception charges can cause serious problems for you now and in the future. Defending yourself effectively can prevent the loss of reputation and the potential consequences of a conviction for theft, which could include jail time, sizable fines and ineligibility for some jobs.

Whether you are facing a DUI or DWI charge or have been arrested for a violent crime, the defense team at Kirschner & McEnery Law can provide the representation necessary to help you with your situation. We work with you to find the right strategies to defend your good name and to avoid jail time and other penalties that could result from a conviction on criminal charges.

Choosing the Right Stuart Criminal Defense Lawyer

When deciding on an attorney for your Stuart criminal trial, experience makes the difference. The lawyers at Kirschner & McEnery Law have the knowledge of Florida law and the experience you need to resolve your legal issues quickly. By working with our defense team, you can enjoy the benefits of our years of experience on behalf of your criminal case.

The Right Defense From Kirschner & McEnery Law

If you need the help of a skilled and experienced Stuart criminal defense lawyer, the attorneys at Kirschner & McEnery Law can provide you with assertive and effective representation for criminal charges against you. To touch base with us about your case, contact us online or call us today at 772-489-8501. You can also email our law office at We are here to serve you.