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DRUGS !!! marijuana wax, oils, and edibles; Fentanyl; Mushrooms; 'Mollies' ; MDMA; DMT; Hallucinogens; Heroin.
Saint Lucie County Drug Arrest

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DRUGS !!!   marijuana wax, oils, and edibles;  Fentanyl;  Mushrooms;  ‘Mollies’  ;  MDMA;  DMT;  Hallucinogens;  Heroin.

Drug use and abuse is pervasive in our culture. Despite the First Amendment to the U.S. constitution, and the liberty interests used to justify formation of the republic in the Declaration of Independence, our government has elected to regulate and criminalize what we put into our own bodies, even in the privacy of our homes.

All drugs are classified in “schedules” found in Ch. 893.03, Fla. Stat. These include substances that are “controlled”, i.e., subject to dispensing upon prescription by a licensed physician and/or pharmacy, and substances that are never legally possessed or ingested, e.g. cocaine and marijuana.

The penalties associated with possessing, selling, conveying, distributing, or even possessing with intent to deliver, any controlled substance are draconian in Florida. For example, possessing as few as seven (7) hydrocodone pills without a legal prescription categorizes one as a “trafficker” in Florida, and subjects citizens to a “minimum mandatory” prison sentence of three (3) years in the department of correction.

Saint Lucie County Drug Arrest

At JJK/LLC, Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Specialist Jonatthan Jay Kirschner, Esq., has over twenty (20)years experience defending all manner of controlled substance cases. Ecstacy, Cannabis, Cocaine, methamphetamine, 420 Cases, Trafficking cases, are all within the expertise of our criminal trial law specialists.

Whether the charge is misdemeanor possession of cannabis under twenty (20) grams, or Trafficking in Methaqualone, Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist Jay Kirschner is here to protect your rights.