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Fort Pierce Organized Fraud Lawyer

Organized Fraud: A Systematic Approach To Defense

The court system uses many broad terms to describe certain crimes, from assault to theft. As a leading Fort Pierce organized fraud lawyer, Jonathan Jay Kirschner & Associates understand that this charge can be severely damaging to reputations while remaining extremely vague. Examining local cases that fit the organized fraud definition can help you, and our highly trained lawyers, defend against any leveled charges.Organized Fraud DefinitionIn general, organized fraud is the planned actions of at least two individuals that deceives others for personal gain. It can be monetarily motivated or simply perpetrated for the intention of damaging another person’s reputation. In either case, organized fraud is a criminal charge best defended by a talented Fort Pierce criminal lawyer.Example Case

Robert Allen Tribble Jr. appears like a nice guy as he offers homes at a lease-to-own rate. As many as 80 people deposited money toward Tribble’s 35 properties, but he didn’t own any of them. Charged with organized fraud, Tribble and his ex-wife looked for vacant properties, altered the locks and proceeded to exchange property paperwork with the local housing authority. With victims depositing as much as $15,000 for these leasing opportunities, Tribble made thousands of dollars in just one year alone. To adequately defend Tribble’s position, he needs an expert organized fraud criminal lawyer from Jonathan Jay Kirschner & Associates. Between false property records and impersonating a notary public, Tribble has a stack of charges to sort through.

Possible Charges

Because of the broad terms of organized fraud, defendants like Tribble have complex cases that encompass many charges. Jonathan Jay Kirschner & Associates can dive into the alleged crimes and possibly drop some of the accompanying charges. From forgery to fraud, our lawyers must look at all evidence to help defendants reduce bail and relieve some charges from the roster. Each case is unique so any questions about specific charges must be examined by one of our professionals.

Defense Strategy

Because local Fort Pierce and state laws change frequently, our lawyers can find the right regulations that support your organized fraud case. There may be a new stipulation that allows the court to drop certain charges. Without proper representation, excessive charges can flood your case, causing possible jail time and fines.

Contact Jonathan Jay Kirschner & Associates with any questions about your organized fraud case. We can sit down with you and go over specific issues for possible defense. If you, or a loved one, has any similar legal situations like this one, please contact Jonathan Jay Kirschner at (772) 489-8501 or for professional guidance.


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