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Fort Pierce Drug Defense Lawyer

Fort Pierce Cocaine Sting


Florida laws are tough on illegal drugs. Persons convicted of trafficking in substances declared illegal, including marijuana and cocaine, face substantial jail time. The authorities in the Fort Pierce area strictly enforce these laws and are serious about taking illegal drug traffickers off the streets. Because of the heavy penalties involved, persons charged with drug offenses should seek legal representation from a Fort Pierce Drug Lawyer who is experienced in protecting their constitutional rights to liberty.

A Fort Pierce case in point was reported in the local news for January 2014. Three kilos of cocaine were the center of a drug sting set in motion by detectives of the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit. The detectives learned, from an undisclosed source, that two Indian River County residents were in the market for cocaine. An undercover detective contacted the men to make a deal. Three kilos of cocaine were offered, and the men agreed to a price of $30,000 per kilo. The deal was confirmed and a meeting was set for delivery in Fort Pierce at Fisherman’s Wharf. The three men met, the exchange of money and drugs was made, and the buyers were immediately arrested. They have been charged with trafficking in more than 400 grams of cocaine and conspiracy to traffic in cocaine. While one of them has prior arrests on marijuana and cocaine charges and is being held on bond of more than $1 million, the other has no prior drug charges and is being held on bond of $200,000.

Persons accused of violating drug laws have constitutional rights. Those rights include protection against entrapment, which occurs when a person is induced to commit a crime he or she would otherwise have been unlikely to do. When liberty is at stake, the technicalities involved in legal defense should be handled by a Fort Pierce Drug Lawyer. The attorney can clarify how the drug and penalty laws apply to the particular facts and can explain the evidence and claims that will support the offender’s defenses. If you have been charged with a drug offense, or if you know someone who has, build a defense with a Fort Pierce Drug Defense Lawyer from the firm of Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq.