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Comedian Doug Stanhope Lauds Local Lawyer ‘Jay’ Kirschner in New Book

Internationally known stand-up comic Doug Stanhope has a dedicated, loyal following.  Doug’s extensive resume’ includes television series and specials, and recently he was the ‘Voice of America’ on the BBC’s  “Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe”.

Selected by both Variety and the Hollywood Reporter as one of the Top Ten Comics To Watch, Doug has released four CDs and three DVDs including “No Refunds” on Showtime in 2008.

Stanhope’s comedy is not for everybody. Some would describe him as ‘dark’ or ‘edgy’ —but much like the NFL, nothing compares to seeing him live; Doug is a two-time winner of Time Out New York’s “Best Comedy Performance of the Year”, and his worldwide sold out live performances bear out his international popularity.  [In addition to domestic appearances, Doug will appear in Asia, Australia, and the U.K., this Spring alone]. View tour dates here.

In addition to his standup work, Stanhope recently published two (2) books, “Digging Up Mother—A Love Story”, and most recently, “This Is Not Fame: A “From What I Re-Memoir””. View books here.

In addition to appearing in venues in Norway, London, Glasgow, Sydney, and Bangkok, few know that Doug also has appeared right here on the Treasure Coast.   Once at the Sunrise Theatre, and twice more at your narrator’s home.  [For more on that… the book].

Those who follow this post know already of the legal fight which grew from one of those ‘appearances’.  The appeal that followed (won by Doug and fellow stand-up artist Andy Andrist) resulted in the 4th DCA’s opinion here.

In the just-released “This Is Not Fame…”, Stanhope describes our firm’s efforts to get the comics out from underneath a blatantly extra-legal restraining order that effectively shut down their livelihoods:

The best comedy comes when it’s in the most horrible circumstances and the right  people need to laugh.  Jay Kirschner loves doing law in the same way, when it’s for the right reasons…  He’s generally defending …[the Guilty]….He doesn’t get these kinds of cases often where he can feel as though he is finally providing an actual benefit to society, and that’s why he defended us, not just as a courtesy but as a pleasure.

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