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Port St. Lucie Police Arrest Man & 15-year-old Boy in Connection to Recent Car Burglaries

Port St. Lucie Burglary Lawyer

Hiring a Port St. Lucie Burglary Lawyer

Car burglaries remain one of the most common crimes that law enforcement battles each day. The prevalence of this crime made headlines recently in the Florida city of Port St. Lucie. Law enforcement in this city arrested an 18-year old adult male and a 15-year old male accomplice on multiple charges of car burglary.

The pair of alleged burglars are suspected of perpetuating this crime all over Port St. Lucie. In fact, when they were apprehended, they were driving in a stolen 2016 gray Chevy Malibu, which the police successfully recovered.

However, the bulk of their burglaries were committed in the NW Lincoln Avenue area of Port St. Lucie, although they are suspected of stealing a car in Fort Pierce. Their apprehension brings to an end a spree of car burglaries that troubled city residents in the last few weeks.

Anyone with information on these crimes is encouraged to call Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers. The pair of alleged car burglars are also due for their day in court and will receive full due process. They also will be given access to professional criminal defense attorneys.

In fact, people who find themselves in the same predicament as these two suspected car burglars are encouraged to immediately retain experienced criminal defense attorneys to represent them. Having a Port St. Lucie criminal lawyer on retainer can be critical for ensuring that defendants’ rights are fully protected. People who are under arrest for crimes like these are entitled to have a Port St. Lucie burglary lawyer present with them before they are questioned by the police.

Port St. Lucie Burglary Lawyer Jay Kirschner

Further, an experienced Port St. Lucie criminal lawyer can be present with the defendant when he or she goes to arraignment. Having counsel present during the arraignment hearing is critical for ensuring the judge considers the possibility of bail fairly. An experienced lawyer can argue whether or not the defendant poses any risk to the community and why he or she should be released and sent home to await the next day in court.

When you or someone you love is arrested on a serious criminal offense like car burglary, you need to find and hire a knowledgeable Port St. Lucie burglary lawyer right away. Do not submit to questioning or go to an arraignment hearing without one. If you or someone that you know find yourself in a similar legal situation to the Port St. Lucie car burglars, contact Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq. & Associates at (772) 489-5201.

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