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Man Arrested on 2 Charges of Aggravated Battery

Saint Lucie Aggravated Battery Lawyer

Help from a Saint Lucie Aggravated Battery Lawyer

A teen from the Port St. Lucie area in Florida was accused of shooting two men. The incident was reportedly due to an argument over counterfeit money being used to sell illicit drugs.

The teen, who is 19 years old and who lives at the 500 block of Southwest Undallow Road, was arrested on Monday, April 13, 2020. He was charged with aggravated battery while using a deadly weapon.

The Port St. Lucie police reported that they went to the young man’s home that Monday evening after receiving a call about a shooting taking place in the area.

The officer further said that after they had gained information from an investigation, they learned that two men who were 22 years of age and two others went to the teen’s home via car to purchase marijuana from him. However, after the men showed up at the home, an argument broke out over the use of alleged counterfeit money in the sale of the drug. Afterward, the teen shot both of the 22 year old men in their abdomens, according to the police.

Furthermore, according to a news release by the police, the gunshots caused injuries that were life threatening in the two victims. However, the two men were taken to a local hospital and were both said to be in stable condition, also according to the police officers.

After the incident, the police reported that they had obtained a search warrant to search the teen’s home. As a result of their efforts, they uncovered the firearm that was used in the shooting of the two 22 year old men. They also found around 5 ounces of marijuana, MDMA, which is also referred to as Molly, THC concentrate, the alleged counterfeit money and a projectile from the discharged weapon.

After his arrest, the young man was taken to the St. Lucie County Jail where he was held on a bond of $15,000.

Hiring a Saint Lucie Aggravated Battery Lawyer

If you are in the state of Florida and have been arrested on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, it is a very serious matter that requires the assistance of an experienced Saint Lucie criminal lawyer. This is a time when you don’t want to go into court alone to represent yourself. When there are charges this grave, you need a skilled Saint Lucie aggravated battery lawyer on your side. You need expert legal assistance and should contact Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq. & Associates at your earliest convenience at (772) 489-8501. You will be able to speak with a Saint Lucie criminal lawyer about your case. Your Saint Lucie aggravated battery lawyer will build a strong defense in your favor.

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