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Avoid a Harvest Music Fest Arrest With These Tips

Harvest Music Fest Arrest

Arrested at the Harvest Music Festival?
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What to Do After a Harvest Music Fest Arrest

The Harvest Music Fest held in Fort Pierce, Florida is bound to be a popular event with both people who love music and the outdoors and members of local law enforcement. In the past, similar festivals have resulted in numerous citizens being arrested during the Music Fest. Most of the arrests with music fests occur when people are traveling to or from the venue rather than within the festival site itself. Because of the potential risk of a Harvest Music Fest arrest, attendees should be cautious when they travel to and from the festival.

The Harvest Music Fest will be held at Saint Lucie Farm Preserve. The two main ways to travel to the site are to drive on Florida’s Turnpike or to take route 68 from Fort Pierce. Local police agencies target the exits that people take to get to the festival, and they use marked and unmarked patrol vehicles to stop vehicles and search for small amounts of drugs.

Local law enforcement agencies have used these tactics for several years. Each year, their operations expand in scope. While the police cannot stop any vehicle that exits the highway to travel to or from the festival, they can legally stop any vehicle when a driver commits a moving violation or when a driver’s vehicle has faulty equipment.

Some police officers profile vehicles even though doing so is not allowed. They target certain people who they believe might be more likely to have drugs in their vehicles based on the appearance of the occupants. While many people believe that police only care about large amounts of drugs, the police in fact will charge people traveling to or from the Harvest Music Fest for minute quantities of drugs.

If you are planning to attend the Harvest Music Fest, you should be careful and follow these tips to avoid a traffic stop, search, and Fort Pierce music festival arrest.

  1. Check Out for tips if you are carrying.

The website is run by a former narcotics K9 cop from Texas. His website provides tips on how to avoid an arrest when you are carrying small amounts of illegal drugs, including videos about where you should hide things, how to mask the smell of cannabis, what to do about a K9 officer, and what to do about field sobriety tests.

  1. Follow All Traffic Laws.

Make sure that you obey all traffic laws when you are traveling to and from the festival. Do not go even one mile per hour over the speed limit. Make sure that all of the lights on your vehicle, including the license plate lights, are functioning properly. Keep your distance from other vehicles, and only use the left lanes for passing, and stay in the right lane when you are not.

  1. Come to a Complete Stop at All Traffic Control Devices.

Do not do rolling stops at stop signs and traffic control devices. Instead, come to a full stop before any crosswalk. Make sure that you count to three before proceeding from the stopped position.

  1. Ask for an Attorney and Assert Your Rights.

If you are pulled over and questioned, do not think that you can talk your way out of being arrested. Instead, assert your right to remain silent and to have an attorney represent you. Do not consent to a search of your vehicle if you are asked. Instead, make the officer get a warrant if one is required. If you are arrested, contact an attorney at Jonathan Jay Kirshner, Esq. & Associates, LLC for help.

Talk to an Experienced Defense Lawyer

Fort Pierce criminal attorney Jonathan Jay Kirshner, Esq. has more than two decades of experience defending people who have been charged with crimes, including those who have been arrested at music festivals. If you have been arrested and need his help, call us today at (772) 489-8501.

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