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Young Woman Needs a Fort Pierce DUI Lawyer

Fort Pierce Resident Arrested For DUI The wheels of justice are about to crush a young adult woman in Fort Pierce, Florida after someone uploaded a video of her arrest for DUI to the UK tabloid Daily Mail’s online edition, so the spectacle has gone viral, causing many attacks on her character.

This is particularly onerous because DUI convictions in the State of Florida carry a heavy penalty. At the very least, the woman will do community service if convicted. Sure, she is facing jail time, but who knows? Maybe she will get probation. The amount of money she will pay in fines and expenses is nothing to sneeze at.

Why did the police turn the video over to the press? Was it because of the sensational story line: “…Driver wearing only panties and underwear?” That’s sure to attract many hits. If the court of public opinion is any gauge, this woman, who cooperated fully with the police, will be thrown under the bus. What can be done?

Consider the Burden of Proof
Like many people, this adult faces charges that nobody wants to deal with, and it’s not at all clear she did anything wrong. The State of Florida has the burden of proof. It’s important to leave no stone unturned in examining the evidence against her. For example, the police said she drove recklessly and over the speed limit, but what violations did they cite her for? She was marched before the squad car’s headlights because it seemed unusual to the officer that she did not wear much clothing, but wearing a bikini is acceptable in the State of Florida. Under the headlight glare, she is wearing a basketball jersey. Examining the police officer’s account is just the beginning.

Believe in the Possibilities
The truth is that you can beat a DUI with a concerned, experienced attorney like Jonathan J. Kirschner, Fort Pierce DUI lawyer. Field sobriety tests must be scrutinized for errors. Was the Breathalyzer clean? Flaws in blood tests can be discovered and used to exonerate defendants. There’s also a question of how the police persuaded the woman to submit to testing? Did they coerce her or lie to her? Did they suggest she was obliged by law to submit to a test? Did they read her the Miranda warning?

Think about a Plea Bargain
In cases where the evidence against a defendant is overwhelming, there’s room to negotiate a plea bargain and reduce the charges to something manageable. Because DUI arrests damage people, DUI criminal lawyers find many ways to beat the charges. With an expert attorney, the woman featured in this video should have her day in court. if you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation contact our Fort Pierce DUI Law firm at (772)489-8501.


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