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Fort Pierce Grand Theft Attorney

A 51 year old man from Vero Beach was arrested after selling four calves he allegedly stole. In addition, the man, William James Boyer, is accused of doing so when he leased a cattle pasture that was not his in Fort Pierce. He faces four counts of grand theft for stealing the farm animals.

Fort Pierce Grand Theft Attorney

St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara stated that Boyer had contacted an Okeechobee man named Lazaro Caballero about acquiring grazing cattle on land Boyer claimed to have owned. However, according to the authorities, Boyer did not own the land at all, of which Caballero was not aware. Eventually, Lazaro Caballero paid Boyer $3,500 in cash to obtain the cattle on the property for a period of one year. This event took place in May 2013.

Then, in July, Caballero hired another Okeechobee man, Juan Menendez, to have the land mowed. Menendez then had an employee by the name of Juan Carlos Perez to mow the grass, reported detectives.

The next thing that happened was that Perez bought four calves for $600, thinking that William James Boyer had the authority to sell them on the pasture. According to authorities, Mendendez believed the cattle were the property of Boyer and under his control.

Menendez questioned Caballero about purchasing more calves, and at that point, Caballero grew suspicious and contacted the Sheriff’s office at St. Lucie County, according to authorities.

Sheriff Mascara of St. Lucie County stated that he and his force charged William Boyer with grand theft due to the fact that he leased the pasture, which he did not own. The sheriff issued a written release about the incident and included that Boyer was also charged with stealing the four calves, which he sold when he did not actually own them.

In addition to the four calves in question, it is believed there are another 45 calves and cows still at large in this case. The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s office needs more information to obtain these additional stolen animals.

Due to the grand theft charges, William James Boyer is being held on at $50,000 bond at the Indian River Country Jail.

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