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Fort Pierce Theft Attorney

Fort Pierce Man Arrested For Armed Burglary

Victor J. Cristales, who is a 19 year-old man, was arrested in Fort Pierce on Wednesday July 2, 2014 for armed robbery. The robbery occurred shortly after midnight on 1104 Pine Avenue. Cristales entered the victim’s garage. The victim stated that he spotted Cristales when he went in his garage and turned on the light. Cristales also pointed a gun at the victim according to the police report.Cristales left the scene with video game equipment, keys to the victim’s car and two firearms. St. Lucie Sheriff deputies and Fort Pierce police officers arrived at the scene shortly after the robbery took place. The officers also has K9 partners. The officers saw the thief fleeing through a yard on Cortez Drive.

Cristales was apprehended near 25th street. He still was armed with a handgun during the time that he was arrested. The officers also searched the area and were able to find all of the victims property that had been stolen.

Cristales is currently being held in a St. County Jail. His bond is $60,000. He is facing several charges, including armed burglary and robbery with a firearm.
Many people who have been accused of committing a robbery are innocent. The consequences of robbery can be great. That is why you want to make sure that you have a qualified attorney on your side if you have been accused of theft. If you are looking for a Fort Pierce theft attorney, then you will need to contact

Jonathan Jay Kirschner.

Experience is one of the many things that make an attorney qualified to represent your case. Jonathan Jay Kirschner has had several years of experience in many areas of criminal law, including theft. He takes all of his cases seriously. If you choose this Fort Pierce theft attorney, then you will be choosing someone who will work around the clock on your case.

Time is of the essence, so you will need to contact the attorney as soon as possible. However, there several types of theft, and every type has its own consequences. That is why it is essential for you to hire an attorney who has had experience handling theft cases.

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