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With a younger brother declared dead several years ago, Dominic Porcaro has many problems. Newly divorced and retired, Porcaro has had several DUI arrests in the past, including one right before he went boating. After failing a police officer’s DUI test, Porcaro was arrested and jailed for a short time.

After being released, Porcaro took his boat out for the day. A witness states that the boat was in fine condition, but was subsequently found abandoned in a Jupiter inlet. Severe damage to the boat was found, as investigators looked for Porcaro. He has not been found.

As a Fort Pierce DUI Attorney, Jonathan Jay Kirschner has seen many cases end up in tragedy. You do not need to be the victim of a DUI gone wrong. Porcaro’s case is common in the justice system. Allowing Porcaro to be discharged after only a few hours leaves him open to vulnerability. Depression and sobriety are constant companions for many DUI convicts.

Allow Jonathan Jay Kirschner to fight for your DUI rights. He has over 20 years of experience working in the DUI field. For example, Porcaro’s arresting officer stated that there was an alcohol smell coming from the suspect. That observation alone is not enough to arrest a person. Officers need substantial evidence, including a sobriety check. Suspects must walk in a straight line and take a breathalyzer test to be fully booked. If any shortcuts were taken, Jonathan Jay Kirschner and his law firm will document the discrepancy and present it to the court.

You may also be a victim of poor technology. Like any electronic device, breathalyzers need periodic calibration. If you were a borderline DUI suspect, but the breathalyzer was out of calibration, you could appear to be under the influence when you were actually sober. The arresting officer must notate the specific breathalyzer used for your case. Jonathan Jay Kirschner can find out its repair history and get your DUI discharged for a technicality.

Porcaro is a special case of DUI gone wrong. You don’t want to have a criminal history like him. If you or someone you know has been in a similar legal situation, contact our law firm in Fort Pierce, Florida. Jonathan Jay Kirschner is here to serve you and your legal needs to keep a DUI off your personal history. From community service to jail time, we keep you safe from wrongful persecution.