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Broken Love Toy Brings Bad Vibes for Fort Pierce Couple

Fort Pierce Domestic Battery AttorneyIn Fort Pierce, Florida, a married couple was arrested and placed in jail after they broke into a huge argument over a broken sex toy.

The wife, who is 25 years old, and her husband, a man of 48 years of age, were arrested on Monday, April 17, 2017 after an incident ensued as a result of a broken love toy in the Fort Pierce area.

A deputy of the St. Lucie County sheriff’s office spoke to the wife at the couple’s home address, which was listed as being on Carol Place. The wife told the deputy that her husband was inside the residence and that he had a gun.

The arrest affidavit claims that the woman reported to police that she questioned her husband after discovering that her vibrator, the sex toy in question, was broken. A vibrator is a sex toy that vibrates for a woman’s pleasure.

The wife further claimed that the question stirred a huge argument and that her husband started to choke her in response. She stated to police that the man eventually retrieved his handgun and threatened that he would “end” her.

The woman reported that her husband ended up putting down the gun and that she took the opportunity to escape outside and call the police.

The husband, however, stated a different story and claimed that he was asleep and that his wife suddenly woke him up to accuse him of breaking her vibrator and interrogated him about how that happened. He reported that she threw his smartphone and struck him in the chest.

The man stated that she started fighting him and even spit in his face. His version of the story is that his wife pulled a handgun and threatened to shoot him and “end it.” The man said this scared him and that he grabbed away the gun but gave it back to his wife once she said she would be calling the police.

It’s unclear how the vibrator broke, as is its extent of damage.

The husband and wife were both arrested on single counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon as well as domestic battery. The man was also arrested on another domestic battery by strangulation charge.

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