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Massage Therapist in Jensen Beach Accused of Inappropriate Touching

Port Saint Lucie Sexual Battery AttorneyA masseur in Jensen Beach has been arrested after complaints by two women of inappropriate touching. The 50-year-old man worked at a day spa on NE Maple Street. As per the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, the first complaint was made in April, and the second complaint was made in August. The masseur was a popular independent contractor, but his relationship with the day spa has now been terminated. At least two other victims are believed to exist.

A spokesman for the Martin County Sheriff’s Office reported that the victims described the touching as not being in the normal course that a person would be comfortable with during a normal massage. The man had been with the day spa since it had opened. He was arrested on a warrant and charged with sexual battery pursuant to Florida Statute section 984.001. In accordance with the statute, a person commits sexual battery when he or she has non-consensual sexual contact with another person using either their sex organ or an object. Be reminded that a person must be convicted of any crime beyond a reasonable doubt. A defendant in a sexual battery case can raise the defense of consent. There can be very genuine questions of what might constitute consent or refusal.

If you are going to be confronted with a charge of sexual battery, don’t give police any type of a statement or confession. Instead, contact Port Saint Lucie criminal defense attorney Jonathan Jay Kirschner right away to arrange for a consultation and case review.

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