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Port Saint Lucie Man Faces Charges Stemming From Stolen Gold Coins

Port Saint Lucie Grand Theft AttorneyA maintenance worker is in need of a Port Saint Lucie grand theft attorney after being arrested and charged with stealing $1,000 worth of money and gold coins. Authorities say the money was equally distributed between paper and an assortment of gold coins. The items were taken by the worker without permission while he performed maintenance duties in the home of a client.

The alleged victim reported to officers that took his statement regarding the case that he came home to find the items missing from his home on June 19 and found that there was no forced entry into his home. He also informed officers that a maintenance man who performed work at his property was the only other individual that possessed a key to the home.

The problems for the accused got worse a short time later when a discussion with his immediate supervisor uncovered further accusations pertaining to tools being stolen from a maintenance shed at his place of employment.

The supervisor made a call to officers the next day reporting that the accused man had been admitted to a local hospital due to the use of drugs. This information was provided to the supervisor by the suspect’s father, who also explained that the suspect admitted stealing the tools from the shed to feed his drug habit.

Authorities were able to locate both the stolen tools and the gold coins at a local pawn shop whose records indicated that the suspect was indeed the person that brought the items to the establishment.

The suspect is being held on a bail of $5,000 in Martin County Jail.

Port Saint Lucie Grand Theft Attorney

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