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Port St. Lucie Women Found With Bath Salts And Other Drugs In Home

Port St. Lucie Drug Arrest AttorneyA mother and daughter in Port St. Lucie, Florida may be looking to secure the services of a Port St. Lucie criminal defense lawyer following their arrests for possessing and trafficking drugs. Police say the arrests were the fruits of an undercover investigation that began after numerous complaints were received from neighbors of the house the women lived in.

The two women were charged with 15 felony counts between them and arrests reports show that undercover officers purchased more than 40 Xanax pills from one of the two women. The operation was followed by a visit to the home at which time officers at the scene identified the smell of marijuana coming from inside the home. This led to a search warrant being issued.

A search of a bedroom in the house revealed a laundry list of drugs and paraphernalia that included nearly four ounces of marijuana, 57 Xanax pills, 45 grams of cocaine, a container of liquid methamphetamine, and bath salts. The contents of the room were deemed to be the possessions of the older of the two women and she was subsequently charged with 11 felony counts.

A search of the daughter’s bedroom led to the finding by police of 15 prescription pills that were not possessed legally by any person in the home. This led to charges of prescription drug possession without a prescription being filed against the younger woman.

Both mother and daughter were taken to the county jail in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The mother was released not long after on a $20,000 bond. Her daughter was not so fortunate and is still being detained on a bond of $271,125.

The use of drugs in American culture is commonplace and many believe that the right for an individual to use drugs should be protected by the first amendment of the Constitution. In any event, the government has chosen to criminalize recreational drug use in the country.

Arrests for drug possession or distribution are serious matters that can bring with them life-altering effects. Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq & Associates is a board-certified firm that provides criminal defense protection for people in the Port St. Lucie, Florida area.

Individuals living in the area that find themselves or a loved one in need of a Port St. Lucie drug arrest attorney should start by contacting Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq., & Associates, LLC at (772) 489-8501.

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