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Fort Pierce Man Accused of Trafficking Ecstasy in Martin County

Fort Pierce Ecstasy Arrest Lawyer

In Need of a Fort Pierce Ecstasy Arrest Lawyer?

On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, a man from the Fort Pierce area of Florida was arrested in Martin County. The man, who is 25 years old and resides at the 600 block of West Weatherbee Road in Fort Pierce, Florida, was taken into custody on a variety of charges. Those charges included the trafficking of ecstasy, possessing drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest without violence.

At around 1:10 AM that morning, deputies from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office stated that they saw the suspect driving eastbound on Southeast Cove Road in a silver Honda that had darkly tinted windows. They ended up stopping him and noticed that his eyes were bloodshot and glassy.

The young man told the deputies he was driving to the home of a friend, but he was unable to tell them the friend’s address or even the loose location of the home.

The deputies also reported that the man looked very nervous and appeared to want to flee at any moment while they had him detained. In addition, when they requested of him to inspect his vehicle, the man replied that he did not want to allow them to search the interior of his car.

Deputies further stated that the man put his hands on one of the officers in an attempt to push him away. At that point, he was arrested on the charge of resisting arrest without violence.

Shortly later, the deputies stated that they searched the vehicle and then found around 3.4 grams of ecstasy, as well as drug paraphernalia in the form of two digital scales and a grinder. They also uncovered $4,068 in cash. They arrested the man and transported him to the Martin County Jail, where he was held on a $205,750 bail.

Hiring a Fort Pierce Ecstasy Arrest Lawyer

In Florida, being arrested on any drug charges is a very serious situation that requires the help of a skilled Fort Pierce criminal defense lawyer. A Fort Pierce ecstasy arrest lawyer can greatly assist in your case. If you are in such a situation, contact Fort Pierce criminal defense lawyer Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq. & Associates, LLC at (772) 489-8501. You will get to discuss your case with an experienced Fort Pierce ecstasy arrest lawyer at your earliest convenience.

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