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What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

Port St. Lucie Criminal Lawyer

Hiring a Port St Lucie Criminal Lawyer

While residents of Port St. Lucie love their city and the scenery that the area provides. But despite the idealic location, citizens are often charged with serious crimes. Port St Lucie criminal lawyers deal with a variety of serious offenses, such as drug offenses, assault and computer crimes. Without the right lawyer, convictions can put a person into jail or prison and cost them thousands of dollars in fees.

Types of Cases

Port St Lucie criminal lawyers help individuals with cases that are brought against them by a government body. These may be local, state or federal government charges. Criminal cases do not include civil lawsuits, but instead involve cases that involve crimes that make the citizen a potential threat to the rest of society.

Interview, Investigations and Analyzing

Criminal defense lawyers first meet with their client to discuss the specifics of the case. This process serves as an interview to determine exactly what type of specialists will be necessary to argue the defendant’s innocence. The next step involves investigation. Questioning police, witnesses and ayone else who may have been involved in the case makes up the investigation phase of a criminal defense lawyer’s job. After the interview and investigations, the Port St. Lucie criminal defense lawyer will analyze the evidence to determine what the next step for the case should be, before discussing it with the client.

Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Role in a Trial

During a trial, a criminal defense lawyer plays many roles. If you are interested in a plea bargain, your lawyer may be able to have your charges severely reduced. Once the trial gets started, your attorney will be actively involved in jury selection, to make certain that the jurors are not biased against you. Finally, your criminal defense attorney will be actively involved in examining and cross-examining witnesses in order to argue that the prosecutor did not prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Port St Lucie Criminal Lawyer’s Role in Sentencing

Although the trial is nearing an end at sentencing, the work of a Port St. Lucie criminal lawyer is not yet done. During the sentencing, your lawyer will need to discuss reasons to limit the amount of time that you serve behind bars. This is also a time in which your defense attorney may be able to recommend probation instead of jail or prison time.

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Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq., & Associates, LLC is a Port St. Lucie Criminal lawyer who regularly wins these types of cases and understands the seriousness of the charges. His professional team includes arson investigators, doctors, psychologists and accountants. These professionals in their fields join efforts with a knowledgeable Port St. Lucie criminal defense lawyer to help build an effective case against the criminal charges against you. Contact Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq., & Associates, LLC. at 772-489-8501 to discuss the specifics of your case.

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