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At least 7 Arrested in Probe Targeting Drug Dealers

Saint Lucie Drug Dealer Arrest

Saint Lucie Drug Dealer Arrest Lawyer

More than six weeks of undercover work by Fort Pierce police culminated in the arrest of at least seven people who are accused of either dealing drugs or aiding in the recruitment of or purchase by buyers.

The police operation began with an alleged drug deal on November 6 and continued for over a month, though the majority of arrests didn’t take place until December 18. Law enforcement officials provided informants with a vehicle, with the alleged transactions for crack cocaine ranging from between $20 and $40 apiece.

Two of the alleged deals took place at a home in the 400 block of North 13th Street, while another allegedly took place in an empty field on North 15th Street. Police described the North 13th address as having a high level of drug activity.

The seven individuals arrested range in age from 35 to 61 and were living in either Fort Pierce or Port Saint Lucie. Their booking photos were unavailable in the wake of a malware attack on the Saint Lucie County Sheriff’s Office that was first disclosed on December 17. As a result, some police operations were offline, including daily arrest affidavit posts, criminal histories and background checks.

Those arrested will need a Saint Lucie criminal defense lawyer who can offer the most vigorous defense of the charges against them. Jonathan Jay Kirschner and Associates have plenty of experience when it comes to a Saint Lucie drug dealer arrest and will make sure that every legal avenue is pursued in order to achieve proper justice.

That past experience as Saint Lucie criminal defense lawyer has taught Jonathan Jay Kirschner and his staff that being arrested for a crime doesn’t always mean that an individual is guilty of that offense. The use of informants to make drug deals can also be problematic for law enforcement and call into question the credibility of their Saint Lucie drug dealer arrest.

In addition to the validity of such strategies, other issues can be called into question. These include the possible entrapment of a suspect, which is a violation that could ultimately lead to charges being either reduced or dropped altogether.

Help Following a Saint Lucie Drug Dealer Arrest

So if you or someone you know is involved in a Saint Lucie drug dealer arrest, contact the offices of Jonathan Jay Kirschner and Associates at (772) 489-8501 to ensure that you have a Saint Lucie criminal defense lawyer protecting your rights.

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