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Two Arrested for Dealing Drugs from Crosstown Grocery Store

Two local men were recently placed under arrest after they were accused of selling drugs out of an Indian River County grocery store, Crosstown Grocery. The men are facing serious criminal charges that will require the services of a knowledgeable Indian River County Criminal Defense Attorney like Jonathan Jay Kirschner.

The men were arrested after a month-long investigation conducted by detectives. Investigators reportedly found large amounts of marijuana, flakka (a popular new designer drug), cocaine, dozens of pharmaceuticals, as well as a loaded handgun and nearly $1,000 in cash in the grocery store. Currently, the men are being held on $81,000 and $55,000 bonds, although an experienced criminal defense attorney could potentially get these bonds lowered upon appeal.

Indian River County Criminal Defense Attorney“These drug dealers chose to operate out of a local grocery store thinking that would protect them from justice,” said an Indian River County Sheriff. “Last week we ended their operation and put them behind bars where they belong.” The police’s mentality is clear–these men don’t deserve a second chance, and their lives deserve to be completely ruined because of their mistakes. And, because the legal system can often end up seeming rigged in the police’s favor, without an excellent attorney, that is just what will happen to these men.

If these men want to be free from behind bars anytime soon, they’ll need the kind of legal defense that only an Indian River County Criminal Defense Attorney like Jonathan Jay Kirschner can provide.

The drug trafficking charges these men face are very serious, especially in Florida. The state’s drug laws are so severe that possession of a mere seven pills of hydrocodone can earn you a trafficking charge, which comes with a mandatory minimum sentence of 3 years in prison. Anyone facing an array of criminal drug charges like these men needs the services of Indian River County Criminal Defense Attorney Jonathan Jay Kirschner, who has over twenty years of experience defending people charged with everything from misdemeanor marijuana possession to felony trafficking charges.

If you or someone you know is facing similar legal charges, don’t put your freedom in jeopardy by hiring “just any” lawyer. Contact Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq. 24/7 at (772)489-8501.

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