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Traffic Stop Leads to Port Saint Lucie Gun Arrest

Routine traffic stops can end up being a disaster when drugs are involved. Police in Fort Pierce recently arrested a 29-year-old man because of the items that they found after a routine traffic stop. The police saw the man driving in the Avenue K and 13th street vicinity. They pulled him over and discovered that the authorities had four search warrants on him. They went to his home later that day and found quite a bit of evidence against him. He will most likely need a Fort Pierce criminal lawyer to defend him in his case.

The authorities found various drugs as well as some illegal handguns at the man’s residence when they were fulfilling the search warrants. The items that they found include an AK-47 pistol, an AR-15 pistol and a Smith and Wesson gun. Among the drugs that the police found on the defendant were .5 grams of Ecstasy and 2 grams of cocaine. The police charged the defendant with nine different crime counts including intent to sell, possession, manufacturing and more. The consequences for such offenses are severe. The defendant will most likely need the assistance of a Fort Pierce criminal lawyer.

Port Saint Lucie Gun ArrestFlorida has strict consequences for people who carry drugs that they intend to sell. Even a small amount of drugs will demand a sentence of up to 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine. Illegal possession of a handgun also warrants jail time. A person who is found guilty of illegal handgun possession may be subject to a five-year-long jail sentence and a $5,000 fine. The penalties worsen with subsequent offenses. The gentleman from this story will have to hire himself an experienced attorney who can speak on his behalf.

If you or someone you now has received similar handgun charges and drug charges, you can get help from some of the best lawyers in the industry today. Jonathan Jay Kirschner specializes in handgun and drug charges. He wants to help you get over the incident that you have hanging over your head. He will use an aggressive approach that demands an acquittal if the prosecution cannot prove its case. The number to call for a free consultation is 772-489-8501. Alternatively, you can ask for help by completing a brief online form. Someone will schedule a consultation to start preparing a perfect strategy for defense. Defendants should never try to go it alone.

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