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St. Lucie Mother Arrested for Driving With Son on the Hood

A Port St. Lucie mother of four has been arrested and charged with one count of child abuse following an early morning argument with her thirteen-year-old son on April 20. Port St. Lucie police who responded to the incident have alleged that the mother continued to drive her vehicle approximately 200 feet from the family residence with her other three children in the car after her son had jumped on the hood of the vehicle as she backed out of the driveway. The boy, who was believed to be upset because his mother had taken his cell phone away and was attempting to leave him alone at home, reportedly sustained minor injuries to his lower extremities after falling off the hood when she finally stopped the car.

Per Florida statute 827.03 regarding Child Abuse, this mother is now in dire need of the services provided by an outstanding child abuse criminal defense lawyer. She is not only in danger of being branded as a convicted felon for the remainder of her life, but could likewise face up to five years away from her children in prison if successfully prosecuted for a third degree felony. She certainly deserves no less than an experienced and talented Port St. Lucie criminal lawyer who will zealously fight to protect not only her civil rights, but who will also keep in mind her best interests and those of all her children throughout potentially extensive criminal proceedings.

As a criminal lawyer with more than twenty years of experience in defending his clients against charges of child abuse and other serious felonies, Jonathan Jay Kirschner and his talented staff would undoubtedly provide this woman with the proper defense necessary to successfully adjudicate the charge she is facing through Florida’s strict criminal justice system. He is well known for the tireless effort he puts forth in the defense of his clients, and as an accredited St Lucie Battery Defense Attorney, he possesses a strong record for obtaining dismissals and winning acquittals. Jonathan Jay Kirschner would likewise be just as successful in negotiating successful pleas for reduced charges should his clients’ circumstances warrant.

If you or someone you know should ever be found in the serious legal circumstances similar to those of this Port St. Lucie mother, please do not hesitate to contact the offices of Jonathan Jay Kirschner any time of the day or night at 772.489.8501, or by email to

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