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St. Lucie Man Arrested For Three Thefts

On Saturday, April 26, a man in St. Lucie was arrested after he committed three thefts. He allegedly stole items from one vehicle and two homes. A homeowner made a phone call on Saturday morning saying that someone stole her purse from her home. Another person reported that a GPS had been stolen from his car. A fingerprint at a Hidden Drive Home was what helped authorities arrest Montel James Jones.

A deputy found marijuana in Jones’ sock at his home. Jones stated that he climbed out of the window and ran when he heard the alarm go off and the woman scream. He then fled to a car that was parked on River Court. He also dropped his gun while he was fleeing.

Jones also stated that he had thrown away the stolen purse. The stolen GPS was found in Jones’ car. He is facing multiple charges now. He is being charged with two counts of armed burglary and grand theft. He is also facing marijuana charges. Jones remains in jail. His bond is $110,750.

Unless Jones gets a St. Lucie theft defense attorney, he is likely to remain in jail for a long time. People who are in need of a theft defense attorney will need to contact Jonathan Jay Kirschner. He has the qualifications and experience needed to handle a criminal case. In fact, he has had experience handling the most difficult criminal cases.

One of the many great things about Jonathan Jay Kirschner is that he is knowledgeable about the laws. His thorough understanding of the law makes it easier for people to get the best outcome. However, it is important for you to contact a St. Lucie theft defense attorney as soon as possible. Your case will have the best chance of having the most favorable outcome if your attorney starts working on the case right away.

Jonathan Jay Kirschner understands that people make mistakes. People need to learn from their mistakes, but he believes that people should not have to pay for their mistakes for the rest of their lives. That is why he fights hard to help people get the best defense possible.

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