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St. Lucie County Sees a Crackdown on Drug Suppliers

Following a drug bust operation known as “Operation Big Mi-Steak,” officers were made aware of other drug peddlers in the St. Lucie County. As a result, they launched a second operation to arrest those who had been outed by the arrested drug dealers. This operation, known as “Operation Second Mistake,” saw to the arrest of 13 drug dealers. This is in addition to the 43 drug dealers that had been arrested during the first operation.

These drug dealers were arrested for selling fentanyl, heroin, and an assortment of other drugs. Officers also found guns in the areas where these drugs were stored. The fentanyl, itself, amounted to a pound a half that was seized. That is easily a lethal dose. By removing these drugs and drug dealers off of the streets, the community feels that it can make some real progress in pushing past addiction. Two women who were once addicts and are now recovering were especially grateful for the successful operations. They spoke about the dangers of fentanyl, in particular, and how easy it is to become addicted to the drug. They also spoke about how deadly the drug can become.

It’s likely that these criminals will be seeking a St. Lucie County Drug Arrest Lawyer to protect their interests and give them the best option of those facing them. Because of the crackdowns on drugs, law enforcement and juries are seeking hard punishments for those who peddle drugs. As such, arrested individuals will likely want to find an experienced criminal lawyer to represent them.

One such criminal lawyer is Jonathan Jay Kirschner. He’s a St. Lucie County Drug Arrest Lawyer with over 20 years of experience to offer his clients. In particular, he has experience handling cases that involve Ecstacy, Cannabis, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Trafficking cases, and other related criminal cases. With punishments that can sometimes be taken to the extremes, arrested individuals will need a reliable criminal lawyer.

Even first-time offenders can see at least three years in jail. If you or someone you know is ever facing these charges, you should consider contacting the law offices of Jonathan Jay Kirschner at (772) 489-8501. Let them defend your rights and ensure that you’re protected by the law. It’s easy to be taken advantage of with the wordy and confusing legal literature. Saint Lucie Criminal lawyer Kirschner will make sure that that doesn’t happen to you or someone you know.

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