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Saint Lucie Man Arrested for Selling Stolen Property

On January 31, 2015, an undercover Port St. Lucie detective arrested a 39-year-old man after the detective was approached about buying a stackable washer and dryer.

The Port St. Lucie resident, Bruce Martin Fong was held without bond in the county jail after being charged with two counts each of grand theft and residential burglary, as well as dealing in stolen property.

Fong’s bond was revoked because of a July arrest that was still pending. In that case, he was accused of stealing appliances from vacant homes.

The Case in Summary

The current case began the morning before when a caretaker called police to report the theft of a stove from a home on Southwest Meeting Street. In addition, a front door lock box was also missing.

During a subsequent police visit, the washer and dryer had been moved from the wall. Police took a photo of a side dent and checked for fingerprints. That evening, the washer and dryer were reported missing, and listed for sale online the next morning.

A detective went to the Southwest Old Briar Avenue address listed, and after meeting Fong, noticed the dent and fingerprint powder, leading to the arrest.

Pertinent Statutes

When it comes to Florida Statutes, either Chapters 810 or 812 would pertain in this case, since they encompass trespassing and burglary, as well as theft, robbery and related crimes. However, each year, the legislature in Tallahassee works to criminalize additional behaviors.

The Lawyer You Need

Jonathan Jay Kirschner is a board certified St. Lucie Theft Defense Attorney with extensive experience in all facets of these cases. He’s taken many of them to trial and achieved a high rate of exonerations for his clients.

The alleged violations that are later proven to be faulty through Kirschner’s tireless efforts help inspire him to continue keeping a close watch on any new laws that crop up. This helps protect the citizens of Florida from the intrusive efforts of those who are seeking to try and rewrite the Constitution.

Who to Contact

Therefore, if you or someone you know is in need of a Saint Lucie criminal lawyer, look no further than Jonathan Jay Kirschner. His qualifications and grasp of virtually every potential legal scenario allow his clients the opportunity to have the best possible defense when facing charges. Call him today at 772-489-8501.

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