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Man Arrested for Arson/Burglary in Port St. Lucie House Fire

Port Saint Lucie Arson Attorney

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A man was arrested on the crime scene on suspected arson charges related to an early morning house fire in Port St. Lucie. As police and emergency vehicles arrived at 400 block of SW Crawfish Dr. at 5:05 am, they could do little because the entire dwelling had caught fire. Luckily, the house occupant was not present inside the house.

Early accounts suggest that an Okeechobee man is suspected of putting the house on flame due to a brawl with the house owner in the nearby pub. After the incident, the suspect was found inside the house when the house owner returned from the bar. On asking the man to leave the premises, the suspect is reputed to hold a lighter fluid and threatened the owner by suggesting, “you’re going to regret this”.

The owner also left the premises after the suspect had evacuated the house only to learn about the incident on arriving back at the home. The police confirmed that they found substantial evidence of accelerant around the home, on suspect’s clothes, and in his car to indict him. It is further reported that a sniffing police dog was used to indicate the presence of an accelerant.

Interestingly, the police apprehended the suspect when he arrived at the crime scene. It is yet unclear if the suspect was present nearby or what prompted the suspect to visit the site. The person was transported to the Port St. Lucie Police Station where he was interviewed, arrested, charged, and sent to St. Lucie County Jail. Latest report suggests that the local chapter of Red Cross is providing shelter to the victim as the house is not habitable due to extensive damage.

If you know someone else in the area who requires help in charges related to an assault, criminal mischief, indirect criminal contempt, or burglary, contact a knowledgable and skilled Port Saint Lucie arson attorney to protect your legal rights. In an area such as Port St, Lucie, it’s easier for the law enforcement to take advantage of the numerous prosecution of impermissible behavior laws to indict citizens.

These laws are often ambiguous and difficult to be interpreted by typical lawyers. It’s the reason why individuals in Port St. Lucie often require assistance from a qualified Port Saint Lucie arson attorney such as board-certified criminal trial lawyer specialist Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq.

Port Saint Lucie Arson Attorney Jonathan Jay Kirschner

As a top Port St. Lucie criminal lawyer, Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq enjoys remarkable success in tackling illegal arrests because the law firm is aware of the latest development and loopholes in the law that authorities can use to their advantage. If you know someone who needs legal assistance, ask them to contact Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq., & Associates, LLC at (772) 489-8501.

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