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Criminal Defense Attorney Fort Pierce

Criminal Defense Attorney Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce Criminal Defense Attorney for a Stuart man arrested for armed robbery at Port St. Lucie gas station

The armed robbery of a Port St. Lucie Sunoco gas station on March 18 has resulted in the arrest of a Stuart resident. The theft, which police say was aided by an unknown woman who was with the suspect during the reported crime, resulted in less than $170 being taken from the business reports criminal defense attorney Fort Pierce, Mr. Kirschner.

Port St. Lucie law enforcement officials are alleging that the suspect pulled a knife on a female employee working at the station. That was followed by a demand for money, with the suspect then allegedly taking money from the cash register.

A police investigation police subsequently included taking fingerprints of the crime scene, having the employee who was threatened look at photo lineups and an examination of the station’s surveillance video. During the robbery, that video indicated that the female suspect was wearing a wig and hat, both of which were later discovered by police on a road close to the station.

The suspect was reportedly unable to provide police with an alibi for his whereabouts when the crime took place. In addition, those law enforcement officials indicated that there were inconsistencies in his statements. On September 18, the accused posted bond of $26,000 and was released.

The severity of the charges that the accused is facing means that he’s in need of a criminal defense attorney Fort Pierce and surrounding communities have come to trust. That would serve as an apt definition of Jonathan Jay Kirschner, who passionately argues on behalf of his clients. The chief reason is that he offers a rigorous defense to fight the charges they face.

Kirschner and his legal team will provide the best legal representation possible for an accused individual. They’ll examine the investigation in order to determine if their client’s rights were violated. That microscopic attention to detail is what should be expected of any criminal defense attorney Fort Pierce and other area suspects employ, given the challenges they face.

Jonathan Jay Kirschner and his staff’s experience is especially evident when it involves the depth of their knowledge regarding firearms. They’re also aware of the rush to judgment that often exists in such crimes, along with how mistaken identities can send innocent people to prison.

So if you or someone you know is in need of a criminal defense attorney Fort Pierce and other Florida residents trust implicitly, contact the law firm of Jonathan Jay Kirschner at (772) 489-8501.

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