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Largest Meth Bust in Saint Lucie County

Port Saint Lucie Drug ChargesThe Saint Lucie County’s Sheriff’s Office has just confiscated the largest quantity of methamphetamine in the history of the organization following a series of drug busts in the county. Following a search of a home in Port Saint Lucie, more than half a pound of meth was found. Alongside the meth was 20 grams of marijuana, a gram of cocaine, a half gram of fetanyl and 29 assorted pills not prescribed to any of those living in the house. A man and two women were taken into custody and will almost certainly face Port Saint Lucie drug charges and will require a Port Saint Lucie criminal lawyer.

Florida’s penalties in regards to the possession and sale of illegal drugs can be rather harsh. Even having as little as 7 hydrocodone pills without a valid prescription can classify an offender as a trafficker with a minimum sentence of three years imprisonment. This has made the need for a criminal lawyer in the area all the more important in drug cases. A drug possession criminal lawyer can often mean the difference between freedom and incarceration.

The bust was only the most recent in Port Saint Lucie. The previous day had seen the arrest of a man and a woman by Port Saint Lucie deputies following a police search of their home. A stolen firearm, supplies to pack drugs, and 10 grams of heroin was among the items found on the premise. Their bail was set at roughly $60,000-65,000 each following their arrest. In late April, another woman was also arrested and faced Port Saint Lucie drug charges of possessing, manufacturing, and trafficking heroin with her bail posted at near half a million dollars. In these types of situations, the drive for Port Saint Lucie’s police to push conviction and harsh sentencing can be fairly high, necessitating for the defendant the need to hire a Port Saint Lucie criminal lawyer.

Are You Facing Port Saint Lucie Drug Charges?

Drug cases in the Port Saint Lucie area can be high tempo affairs as cops look to make examples out of those they catch. Despite the high profile nature of the situation, defendants still have rights afforded to them by the United States Constitution. Law firms such as Jonathan Jay Kirschner’s can be the deciding factor in whether a defendant’s rights stay unblemished. If you or someone you know is a tough legal situation– whether a misdemeanor marijuana charge or drug trafficking, it is tantamount to get in touch with contact Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq., & Associates, LLC at (772) 489-8501.

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