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Convenience Store Foursome Arrested in Fort Pierce for Drug Sales

The police continue to expose underhanded drug trading methods. They even catch some culprits using business establishments to conduct their shady dealings. Officers recently arrested four people in Fort Pierce, Florida for selling drugs out of the store in which they worked. Police took down Timothy Hightower, Lawanda Northard, Kenneth Boatwright and Chester McCoy after each of them allegedly completed at least one drug sale to an undercover agent. The DEA, FBI and ATF assisted the St. Port Lucie County Sheriff’s Office with serving the arrest warrant.

Police reports claim that the “Around the Clark Market” had been operating a double-minded business for quite some time. The store’s roots lie within 1,000 feet of a park, and the four employees may receive unmerciful sentencing because of such. Police uncovered more than 40 grams of marijuana and 28 grams of crack during their search. They found $850 in cash, as well. The offenders received multiple charges of drug trafficking, drug possession and selling.

The drug laws in the State of Florida are stiff, and the accused persons from the previously mentioned story have a reason to worry. The high side of a drug-selling charge can land them in jail for up to 30 years. Fines in the neighborhood of up to $10,000 are the least of their problems. If a judge finds the culprits guilty, the offenders may be unable to reestablish themselves in the employment world or even as citizens. A conviction can ruin their lives for several decades.

A Fort Pierce drug attorney can advise and assist in the most challenging times. Such a person has a firm grasp on the ever-changing Florida laws and regulations. A Fort Pierce drug defense attorney can assist an accused person from the beginning to the end of a seemingly hopeless situation.

The first step in getting help is reading and understanding the crime that the arresting officer charged. Next, an accused person will contact a reliable Fort Pierce drug attorney and schedule a consultation. During the consultation, the accused person can provide the prospective attorney with details so that he or she can assess the situation. An experienced attorney will know then if the hope of acquittal is possible.

Jonathan Jay Kirschner can shield you and your loved ones from claims of drug possession, sales or trafficking. You can trust that his credentials and expertise will get you through your trial no matter how challenging it may be.

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