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Woman With Meth in Bra Says Drugs Came From Vero Beach Yard Sale

Fort Pierce Meth Arrest LawyerDishonesty never makes any situation better, especially a situation that involves a police investigation. A fibbing woman will now need the assistance of a Fort Pierce drug charge lawyer to get out of the mess that she got in. She will have to face drug charges as well as additional charges for not telling the truth when she was under investigation.

The woman was driving a truck around in Vero Beach when the original stop occurred. The police officer noticed that the woman was not wearing her seatbelt, which gave him the immediate right to pull her over. When the officer asked her for her name, the woman proceeded to give him a fictitious name, which he knew was false from previous interactions with her.

The woman then attempted to break away from the situation by running off and yelling that she was pregnant and needed to go to the potty. The deputy caught up with her and detained her. She later admitted that she was not pregnant at all. Whether she had to go to the potty or not was unclear.

After investigating further into the matter, the police found that the suspect had methamphetamines in her bra along with a pipe that she may have been using to smoke the methamphetamine. When the police asked her where she had gotten the drugs, she said that she purchased them at a Vero Beach yard sale. Police then found that three arrest warrants were out for this woman, and her license was suspended.

She’ll need a skilled Fort Pierce meth arrest lawyer to back her because she is facing charges for resisting arrest, driving on a suspended license and giving the police false information. She’s looking at one year for resisting arrest, five years for the meth possession and two months for operating a vehicle with a suspended license. Additionally, she can get another year for lying to the police.

If you or someone you know is facing similar charges, you can find relief through a Fort Pierce meth arrest lawyer like Jonathan Jay Kirschner. Mr. Kirschner has successfully helped people with similar charges to beat the odds. The best thing that you can do for yourself or your loved one is to call Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq., & Associates, LLC at (772) 489-8501 and schedule a consultation and speak to someone at the office. That one talk can change the entire outcome of the case that you are facing.

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