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Two Men Arrested in St. Lucie For Stealing Truck Parts

Two men were arrested on Friday, September 26, 2014 after they were seen stealing truck parts in Port Lucie. A man saw them removing the running boards and tailgate from a truck that belonged to his neighbor. He then called the police around 1:30 A.M. The police arrived on the scene shortly and saw the pickup truck that the men had parked in front of the neighbor’s home.

During the arrest, the police officers found one tailgate and two running boards. Those parts came from the truck on Southeast Bella Road. The police also found another truck with missing running boards that was parked on 500 Southeast Nome Drive. Additionally, the officers found a truck with a missing tailgate and running boards on 200 Southeast Glenwood Drive.

Forty-one year-old Jose Enrique Gainza and 29 year-old Yusel Veita Oliva have both been charged with grand theft, burglary, possession of burglary tools and dealing in stolen property. Gainza is currently being held at St. Lucie County Jail. His bond is $83,750. Oliva was the one who reportedly told the police the truck parts were stolen. His booking information is not available at the time.

Gainza and Oliva could be spending a lot of time in jail because they are both facing multiple charges. That is why if you are facing theft charges, then it is important to consult with a St. Lucie theft attorney. Even though people who are charged with theft can spend many years in prison, people who hire a St. Lucie theft defense lawyer may be able to avoid going to jail.

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