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Fort Pierce Teen Arrested for Bringing Gun to School

A high school student at the Treasure Coast High School in the St. Lucie area was arrested for bringing a handgun to his school. According to Port St. Lucie, Florida Sheriff Ken Mascara, the student is 17 years old and was arrested for possessing a weapon on school property.

In addition, Sheriff Mascara revealed in a report that the teen, Spencer Vient, was also charged with possessing a weapon with an altered serial number and for resisting an officer upon arrest.

The sheriff stated that it was highly important to make the environment in schools as safe as possible, not only for students but for faculty and administrators. He went on to say that the School Resource Deputies go above and beyond both on campus and off to ensure that the children, the most precious resource, are kept safe and free of harm and that the arrest of the 17 year old student is just one example of it.

On Friday, October 24, 2014, an administrator at the Treasure Coast High School informed one of deputies that Spencer Vient and possible one other student might have been involved with drugs and that they were performing drug related activities on the school campus. The administrator also reported to the deputy that Vient had hidden a handgun in his backpack. As a result, Vient ran from the school. The deputy shouted at him to drop his bag, but the teen tossed two objects over a fence and into a wooded area, according to a report.

Later, a different deputy came onto the scene with a K-9, a police dog. Thor, the dog that was brought to the scene of the incident, managed to successfully locate a sock that contained a hidden .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol. The magazine was not inside the sock. Deputies noted that the serial number had been scratched off of the weapon.

In addition, the deputies located a bottle that they suspected was MDMA liquid, which is also commonly referred to as “Molly” and even more commonly known as ecstasy. The substance was then sent to a laboratory, where it was to be tested.

According to the arrest report, Vient was subsequently taken into custody and brought to the St. Lucie Regional Juvenile Detention Center, located in Fort Pierce.

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