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Teen Suspect Arrested In UPS Truck Carjacking In St. Lucie County

On Thursday, January 7, 2016, St. Lucie County arrested a 16 year-old boy in connection with a carjacking In St. Lucie of a UPS truck that occurred back in December 2015. The incident occurred on December 29, 2015 on the corner of 29th Street and Avenue Street in Fort Pierce. Ken Mascara is the St. Lucie County sheriff. He stated that they were able to identify the suspect based on fingerprints left on the boxes.

The teen was arrested and taken to the Florida Department Of Juvenile Justice Assessment Center. Oscar Nunez, who is 33 years-old, was the one driving the UPS truck. He was not injured during the carjacking. Ken stated that he knows there was at least one other person involved in the carjacking. They are asking the public to come forward if they have any information about other suspects involved in the accident.

The teen is facing armed carjacking, armed robbery and grand theft charges. People who have information can call the Criminal Investigation Division. The phone number is 772-462-3230.

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