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Teen ‘Doctor’ Denies all Fraud Accusations

An 18-year-old man from St. Lucie County was arrested by the Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Office on February 16 on a series of charges, the most prominent being practicing medicine without a license and grand theft.

The arrest of Malachi Love-Robinson came at the third-floor office he had rented in West Palm Beach Medical Plaza. He was held until early the following morning, when he posted his $21,000 bond.

Love-Robinson denied the allegations saying that he was properly certified and licensed, and had only practiced alternative medicine. One of those licenses was for naturopathy, though the state of Florida no longer issues such licenses and can only be issued to licensed physicians. The Ph.D. that Love-Robinson has comes from an unnamed Christian university in California.

After receiving a tip on what was described as “a 25-year-old” posing as a physician, an undercover detective came in for a physical. Love-Robinson simply prescribed an allergy medicine for her, but soon after, he was arrested.

The charge of grand theft stems from the alleged cashing of $2,800 in checks by Love-Robinson by a woman seeing him for stomach pains. The woman had left her purse when she was transported to a local emergency room after the pains continued.

Crimes of this nature require the services of an experienced West Palm Beach criminal lawyer like Jonathan Jay Kirschner. He has been defending individuals in criminal cases for more than two decades and has a staff that’s able to delve into helping craft the best possible defense for a particular charge.

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The shadowy reliability of tips and the subsequent undercover investigations that may follow are areas that led themselves to potential abuse by authorities. In addition, an accusation doesn’t equal guilt, no matter what might be alleged, and prosecutors must be able to prove that the accused is guilty of a specific crime.

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