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Student Arrested After Gun, 70 Rounds of Ammo Found at Port St. Lucie High School

Port Saint Lucie Firearm Defense AttorneyA student in Port St. Lucie, Florida has been arrested on multiple charges including firearm offenses after police received an anonymous tip.

The 17-year old student was arrested at Port St. Lucie High School without incident. According to police, he was found with a 9mm handgun, 1 12-round magazine clip, 57 loose rounds of ammunition, a taser-like weapon, necklaces and fake money in $100 bill denominations.

Due to the serious nature of the offense, extra security will be added to the school. It was reported that Smith had made threats against the school.

Firearm offenses can land you in a great deal of trouble. If you are accused or arrested on a firearms charge, you should seek out a Port Saint Lucie Firearm Defense Attorney at Jonathan K Kirschner & Associates. While the Constitution of the U.S. protects gun rights to a certain degree, the state of Florida will prosecute individuals who violate gun laws. For this individual it is important to retain a Port Saint Lucie criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

Certain laws can land you in prison for a very long time. You will need an attorney to launch a vigorous defense to preserve your rights.

Parents of Port St. Lucie High School students rushed to the school after receiving an alert regarding the incident. Many were appreciative that the situation was handled in a professional and efficient manner.

Police took the student to juvenile detention center in Port St. Lucie.

There are certain laws regarding minors and firearms in the state of Florida. However, depending on the offense, the charges could be bumped up to adult. Any person, regardless of age, who is charged with a firearms offense, needs an experienced and professional lawyer on their side. This could be the difference between no time and several years. Only a Port Saint Lucie Firearm Defense Attorney can help.

The principal of Port St. Lucie High School sent a message to parents, explaining the incident and assuring parents that the high school will be a safe space for learning.

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