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St. Lucie County Teacher Arrested for Sending Lewd Photo to Student

Lucie County Criminal LawyerTechnology has advanced so much over the years that it provides many conveniences for people. One of the conveniences that technology has provided for mobile phone users is the myriad of applications like the SnapChat application. Unfortunately, some people mistakenly think that they can use such applications to perform criminal acts and get away with it. A St. Lucie County history teacher will need a Port St. Lucie criminal lawyer now that he has been picked up on an arrest warrant for sending inappropriate content to a minor. The authorities started the investigation in May of 2016 and ended it abruptly by serving a warrant that Federal Marshals issued.

Lewd Messages Are Unacceptable

The authorities placed the teacher under arrest because of some lewd photos that he sent to a 10th-grade student. The teacher had apparently been using a Google Play application called SnapChat to interact with the student. The 30-year-old history teacher decided that he would send lewd photos to the student. Unbeknown to him, the student did not find his photography entertaining. An administrator found out about the photos and reported them to the police. The police investigated the matter and found that the teacher had indeed sent the photos to a young person through the SnapChat application. The teacher was arrested shortly after the detectives questioned him.

Soliciting a Minor With an Electronic Device

That crime that the teacher is facing is one of soliciting a minor for sex with an electronic device. The lewd photo is enough for the prosecutor to assume that the teacher was doing just that. They also have additional evidence that they can add to the case. The teacher will need a Port St. Lucie criminal lawyer to help him with his case because he is facing up to 15 years in prison if he ends up with a conviction. He will need a well-seasoned Lucie County criminal lawyer to assist him.

Lucie County Criminal Lawyer Jonathan Jay Kirschner

If you or anyone you know is facing similar charges, then you can contact Jonathan Jay Kirschner for assistance. Mr. Kirschner’s Lucie County criminal lawyer group has been assisting people who are in similar situations to the one that the teacher is facing since 1994. The firm has the experience and the wins to support the claim that is the right one to call. Do not take chances with a questionable law firm for something as serious as the above situation. Contact JKJ and take a deep breath.

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