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St. Lucie County Student Arrested After Weapon Found

Port Saint Lucie Firearm Possession Attorney

Port Saint Lucie Firearm Posession Attorney

A young student of only 12 years old and who is from St. Lucie County, Florida was arrested for possession of a firearm while at school, according to the school district. The incident occurred at Port St. Lucie’s Oak Hammock K-8 elementary school.

According to the arrest report, a dean at the elementary school called St. Lucie County deputies on Thursday, February 28, 2019 after learning from students that the child in question had brought a gun to class. After the deputies arrived on campus, they talked with the student and discovered that he had brought the gun to class two days earlier and even allowed a friend to carry it around for several hours.

According to the arrest report, the child told the deputies that he had been threatened at school by someone he claimed was a gang member and that he had brought the firearm with him for protection.

However, in spite of this declaration, a few other students told investigators that the child with the gun had threatened another student and that the gun was even loaded.

Parents of other students said they were shocked to learn about the incident. They said they were not even aware that a student had brought a gun to the school and only learned the day after the arrest thanks to an automated message sent by the school district.

One parent said she got goosebumps and her eyes teared up upon hearing the message. She said it really hit her hard due to being so close to home at her child’s school.

The district informed the parents that the tip only came in the afternoon the day before the message was sent out and included that there was an active investigation taking place.

The student who brought the gun to school has previously been investigated for making threats, according to the arrest report.

The district sent out a statement that asserted that the safety of its students and staff is the highest priority and that it encouraged students to step forward to report any behavior that could threaten the safety of others.

Possession of a firearm in a school is a very serious offense, even if the individual with the gun is only a child. If you or your child has been arrested for such a crime, you need an experienced Port Saint Lucie criminal defense attorney on your side, fighting for your rights. Contact Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq. and Associates, LLC at (772) 489-8501 at your earliest convenience to talk to a Port Saint Lucie firearm possession attorney to discuss your case.

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