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Charges Dropped Against Martin County Man Accused of Soliciting Prostitution

Martin County Solicitation Defense Lawyer

Martin County Solicitation Defense LawyerA 47-year-old Jensen Beach man had a charge of soliciting prostitution against him dismissed earlier this week. He had been arrested with about 100 other men after authorities began making arrests in connection with prostitution and human trafficking at a number of day spas in Martin County. On behalf of his client, the man’s attorney had entered a not guilty plea, and a day after that, the charge was dismissed. The basis for the dismissal was not disclosed by prosecutors. There simply might not have been sufficient evidence to convict the man with. Both parties must reach an agreement on payment of money for sex. According to Martin County solicitation defense lawyer Jonathan Jay Kirschner, if no such agreement existed, a solicitation prosecution fails.

Florida Statute 796.07(2)(a) defines prostitution as “giving or receiving of the body for sexual activity for hire.” Section (f) of the statute states that it involves soliciting, inducing, enticing or procuring another to commit prostitution, lewdness or assignation. What the statute doesn’t appear to address is whether the prohibited behavior focuses on an alleged prostitute, a pimp or a customer. On that basis, it might be constitutionally vague, and Martin County prosecutors might realize that. Under the right circumstances, entrapment might also be a viable defense.

Depending on any prior convictions, a person can be charged with either misdemeanor or felony solicitation of prostitution. A conviction for this or any other offense can interfere with employment, housing and educational opportunities.

Jonathan Jay Kirschner is a Martin County solicitation defense lawyer with offices in Fort Pierce. He has been board certified as a criminal trial lawyer by the Florida Supreme Court for nearly 25 years. Upon an arrest, don’t give police any kind of a statement or confession. The prosecution will only want to use it against you in trying to prove you guilty. Protect yourself by invoking your right to remain silent along with your right to an attorney. After that, retain experienced and effective counsel by hiring Jonathan Jay Kirschner as your Martin County solicitation defense lawyer. Remember that you are presumed to be not guilty of the offense that you have been charged with. The prosecution is required to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Mr. Kirschner will aggressively hold the prosecution to that burden. You’ll serve yourself well by retaining Jonathan Jay Kirschner as your criminal defense attorney for any arrest.

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