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Port St. Lucie Son Charged with Killing Father

Port Saint Lucie Homicide AttorneyAuthorities are holding a Port St. Lucie man in custody after allegations that he killed his father. The court denied the man bond as he waits for later proceedings in the case. The man, who allegedly stabbed his father is facing charges of homicide.

The wounds were fatal. The accused later called 911. There’s no word on whether the man has retained a Port Saint Lucie criminal attorney.

The two men lived together in the Club Apartments on SW Palm Drive in Port St. Lucie. The victim was 65 years old. Law enforcement found the victim in the master bedroom of the apartment with apparent stab wounds. Authorities say that they recovered a knife nearby. The alleged attacker shares the same name as his victim.

The man called 911 to make the report himself, and he offered an explanation for his actions. He said that he has mental health problems and did not receive the medication that he needs. A Port Saint Lucie Homicide Attorney may help the man explore options for using an insanity defense. Authorities say that the man has avoided criminal charges before using mental health as a reason he was unfit to stand trial. He has previously received treatment for mental health problems.

In some cases, insanity can make a person unfit to stand trial. If a person is unable to understand the nature of the charges against them and assist in their own defense, the court might rule that the person can’t stand trial. In most cases, the person receives treatment in order to help them become fit to stand trial. Insanity is also a defense to the charge itself. A person who is facing a charge of homicide can work with a Port Saint Lucie Homicide Attorney to arrange for the necessary evaluations to determine their fitness to stand trial and the viability of insanity as a defense to a criminal charge.

A Port Saint Lucie criminal lawyer can also help their client explore other possible defenses. The police might have a case of mistaken identity and charge the wrong person. A person may act in self defense. Because a homicide conviction can result in life in prison or even death, it’s important to work with an experienced Port Saint Lucie homicide attorney to explore all of the defenses that may be available to you. If you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation contact Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq., & Associates, LLC at (772) 489-8501.

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