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Port St. Lucie Man Gets Locked up on the way out of Jail

Port Saint Lucie Drug PossessionSome people have bad luck when it comes to jail. Such is the case with a Port St. Lucie man who was locked up on his way from leaving the jail. That’s right. He had just been released for skipping a court case when the police had to arrest him again straightaway for a different charge, a new charge. The man received multiple charges for steroid possession without a prescription. It looks like he’s going to need a Port St Lucie criminal defense attorney to get him out of the pickle he’s in.

The man was arrested because the police discovered various bottles of steroids and needles in the defendant’s car. A buddy of his had borrowed his car to pick him up from jail. The friend was driving to the jail casually and decided that he was not going to wear a seatbelt. The police officer stopped him for not wearing a seatbelt and then decided to search the vehicle. That was when he found numerous brown steroid-labeled bottles and needles.

The friend told the police officer that neither the steroids nor the needles were his and that he was driving the defendant’s car to pick him up from jail. When the defendant was questioned about this, he did tell the truth and claim the drugs. He was hit with a large bail amount because of it. His bail amount is over $100,000. He is being charged with numerous complaints of possession of steroids without prescriptions. This kind of charge carries a lot of weight, so he will need the assistance of a Port Saint Lucie Criminal Defense Attorney if he expects to get out. He stands to spend quite some time in jail if he is convicted, and the judge decides not to run the sentences concurrently.

If you know of anybody who is in a similar situation, you need not worry. You can get in touch with Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq., & Associates, LLC at 772-489-8501. Mr. Kirschner is a caring Port Saint Lucie criminal defense attorney who will fight hard to keep you free, safe and clear. The first step is reaching out to him as quickly as possible, however. You can only get help if you’re willing to take the first step and ask for it. Pick up the phone now so that you can start working on your case immediately.

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