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Port St. Lucie Man Arrested After Standoff with SWAT Unit

Handgun Charges? Contact a Port St. Lucie Criminal Lawyer

It was a busy day on May 10 as Port St. Lucie police officers and SWAT units responded to a call of shots fired in a residential neighborhood in the city. Allegedly, the man was seeking a ‘suicide by cop.’ The call resulted in a standoff situation that lasted almost eight hours. The SWAT unit made their way into the man’s home shortly before midnight after he still refused to emerge from his after the team deployed tear gas into the unit. The man was found in the bathroom of the home, at which point officers used a Taser to subdue him and took him into custody.

Port St. Lucie Gun Arrest LawyerWhile an extreme situation, a Port Lucie criminal lawyer is able to assist individuals charged with firearms crimes such as the man in the news story listed above. In the state of Florida, it is illegal to possess a handgun if you are a convicted felon. You may never have a firearm under any circumstances. It is also illegal to own a firearm that is not legally purchased and registered. There are a variety of additional situations and circumstances that could lead to an arrest and charge of a firearms crime. Generally speaking, any type of crime involving a handgun is a felony charge. Conviction of such a charge could result in a minimum of 1 year in prison, with a potential lifetime sentence, depending upon the crime. Regardless of the situation, a firearms lawyer Port St. Lucie is there to ensure the best outcome of the situation.

Jonathan Jay Kirschner, criminal lawyer Port St. Lucie, is an expert criminal defense attorney ready to help you plan a defense and have your voice heard in court. The law says that you are innocent until proven guilty, but sadly, this isn’t always how things play out when you’ve been charged with a handgun crimes and try to go to court without the expertise of a criminal attorney on your side.

If you, or someone that you know, has been involved in a similar situation to the man in this news story, or any other handgun-related crime, call our Port St. Lucie criminal lawyer without delay.

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