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Port St. Lucie Man Arrested After Several Stolen Items Found At His Home

Police in Port St. Lucie arrested a man on Friday, January 15, 2016 after they found several stolen items in his home. The man, whose name is Floyd Tennyson, is 18 years-old. He has been charged with giving false information, property damage, possession of a firearm by a felon, two counts of burglary and stolen property. He is being held at the St. Lucie County Jail on a $120,375 bond.

Homes in the 1000 block of Southeast Shakespeare Avenue and 600 Southeast Ron Terrico were burglarized on Thursday, January 15, 2016. A neighbor’s vehicle captured Floyd’s vehicle on camera. The police officers were given the video, and they found the same vehicle outside of Floyd’s home on Friday. He was arrested at his home.

After Floyd was arrested, they found that he had pawned several of the items that he stole. They also found motorcycles that he had stolen on December 25, 2015. He stole the motorcycles from a home on the 1200 block of Alcantarra Boulevard. Additionally, the police officers found ammunition and a pistol that was stolen on December 18, 2015 from a car on the 300 block of Southwest Daggett Avenue.

Floyd can potentially spend several years in jail because he is facing multiple charges. That is why if you are facing criminal charges, then you will need the help of Jonathan Jay Kirschner. Jonathan has successfully represented people who have been charged with various crimes. He has also helped protect citizens from unwanted governmental intrusion in their lives.

Florida law is constantly changing. Legislators are pushing to classify more things as criminal behavior. Additionally, many people have falsely been accused of crimes. The good news is that if you have Jonathan on your side, then he will do everything that he can to prove your innocence.

Port St. Lucie Criminal Lawyer

Jonathan is highly-qualified and credentialed. He is also knowledgeable of the laws and how they are changing. This is the type of attorney you want to have on your side if you are facing criminal charges. Jonathan has been practicing law for over 30 years, so he has the experience necessary for handling your case.

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