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Port St. Lucie Burglary Defense Lawyer

Seeking Assistance from a Port St. Lucie Burglary Defense Lawyer

A 36-year-old man is facing burglary and other charges stemming from the attempted break-in of a vacant house in Port St. Lucie. Police arrived on the scene in the 1000 block of Southwest John Maccormack Terrace after a resident reported the sound of breaking glass. The suspect fled the scene on a bicycle, escaping to a location where he was subsequently surrounded by law enforcement personnel. A police dog that was sent into the area found him hiding in the woods.

The suspect was charged with attempted burglary, criminal mischief and resisting arrest. Police also found three broken windows at the scene of the alleged crime, although there was no evidence that the suspect was able to successfully gain entry into the home. As a result, nothing had been taken from the scene.

In Florida, burglary is defined as the entry into a dwelling or some other structure or specific area with the intent to commit a criminal offense. Burglary is normally considered a second degree felony, but the offense can be elevated to first degree status under certain circumstances. These additional circumstances include a personal assault on someone occurring during the burglary or the use of a weapon. However, even those convicted of the lesser degree of burglary can face a large fine and a lengthy prison sentence. Those charged with such an offense need the services of a Port St. Lucie burglary defense lawyer. It is this type of service that is provided by Jonathan Jay Kirschner & Associates.

A Port St. Lucie burglary defense lawyer understands the law and the workings of the criminal justice system, and will serve as an advocate for the defendant throughout the legal process. In many cases, a burglary charge may be difficult to prove in court due to lack of evidence or faulty witness accounts. These factors alone can result in a person being wrongly accused. There are other issues that can lead to the charges being reduced or even dismissed. A burglary criminal defense lawyer may arrange a plea bargain with the prosecutor that can reduce the sentence or may be able to obtain an acquittal if the case goes to trial.

If you or someone you know is in a legal situation similar to the burglary suspect in Port St. Lucie, you need to contact the law firm of Jonathan Jay Kirschner & Associates. We can provide you with the legal defense to which you are entitled.

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