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Port St Lucie Burglary Defense Attorney

Facebook Leads To Burglary Arrest Of Two St. Lucie Men

Officers in St. Lucie have been able to arrest two men thanks to a Facebook post. The two men were arrested for rummaging through unlocked vehicles on Thursday, August 28, 2014. Jeremy Gervais and Lenny Gamez were arrested on Sunday, August 31st, 2014. Officers stated that the two men were seen breaking into five cars.

One of the victims whose car was broken into caught the robbery on camera. He gave the video to the officers. Additionally, the president of the homeowners association in the area posted the video on the Facebook page. Detectives Clarence Bennett and Matthew Gerdes were able to identify the two men in the video, but they were not able to find them immediately.

The officers put up fliers with the two suspects’s photos and urged people to contact them if they had any information. Deputy Mark Sarvis received word on Friday night that the two men were staying at America’s Best Value Inn. Deputies Nate Stubley and Edward Johnston arrived on the scene and waited in an unmarked car. They saw the suspects leaving the hotel and getting into a silver-colored car.

Matthew Brewster, another deputy, stopped the suspects and turned them over to detectives. Gervais and Gamez were then asked a few questions, arrested and taken to jail.

Gamez is in a St. Lucie County Jail. His bond is $41,250. It is unknown whether Gervais is still in jail.

Burglary can have serious consequences. Just like Gervais and Gamez, people who are caught breaking, entering and stealing can face jail time. They may also go to jail for a longer period of time if they have other charges on their record.

However, a Port St. Lucie burglary defense attorney can help people avoid some of the negative consequences. In fact, an attorney could help people get their charges dropped altogether. If you need a Port St. Lucie burglary defense attorney, then you should contact Jonathan Jay Kirschner.

Jonathan Jay Kirshner can help you fight burglary charges. He will work around the clock to make sure that you get fair representation. He understands all of the ins and outs of the legal system. This is essential for providing you with quality representation. Furthermore, Kirshner is compassionate and truly cares for his clients.

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