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Mechanic on presidential helicopter fleet arrested on drug charges in Port St. Lucie

Port Saint Lucie methamphetamine arrestA worker who is part of the presidential helicopter fleet for Sikorsky Aircraft was arrested Wednesday in Port Saint Lucie on drug charges. The man called police to report that he was a victim of a home invasion by three masked men.

When police responded to the 911 call, they found the man at the residence. The man previously relayed to the 911 caller that he was able to escape with the toddler, but his girlfriend was being held captive by the gunmen.

Police conducted a room-to-room search and found no one else in the home. What was yielded during the search is what caused the man to get arrested.

In the master bedroom, police found a lock box filled with drug paraphernalia and a small bag of a substance that tested positive as methamphetamine.

Police asked the man to retrieve the number of his girlfriend.

The father and girlfriend, who live nearby, told police that the man works out of town for the presidential helicopter detail, but visits often. They also confirmed that due to his job, he maintains top-secret clearance and has no prior criminal record.

The girlfriend also said she was aware that her boyfriend used methamphetamine, and she kept it locked away so the child could not find it.

Officers concluded that the masked man story was faked. The man was taken to jail on drug charges.

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